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  • French actors thrive on the drama of China

    2013-06-17 17:24

    For the Beijing-based French actors Karim Oyarzabal (left) and Lionel Baraban, being able to act onstage again and restart their careers in the Chinese capital is the peak of excitement.

  • Traditional carvers shape kernels of art

    2013-06-17 14:50

    In a refined kernel-carving shop at China Artwork City in Guangfu, Xu Zhongying is busy receiving customers from home and abroad.

  • A bounty of beautiful brocades

    2013-06-17 14:44

    To enliven the Shu Embroidery, which was included on the list of China's intangible cultural heritage in 2006, Sichuan has set up a base to train people how to embroider in Anjing.

  • Bronze statue of Bruce Lee on display in LA

    2013-06-17 14:06

    A 7.6-foot-tall bronze statue of martial arts star Bruce Lee is seen in Los Angeles' Chinatown Sunday, June 16, 2013 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

  • Characters count

    2013-06-17 13:20

    Banners of calligraphy hang all over the airport terminal of Wuhai in the west of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • Tibetan artist nurtures his culture

    2013-06-17 10:11

    Tibetan painter Nyima Tsering enjoys telling reporters they can ask him any questions they like about Tibet.Mao Yan's artworks on display

  • Art of urbanity

    2013-06-17 09:44

    Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai are deservedly known as centers for the arts, but Xiamen is set to gatecrash the show.

  • Master strokes

    2013-06-17 09:44

    Among the world's writing and painting instruments, the writing brush is unique to China.

  • Bidding on change

    2013-06-17 09:28

    China's first international auction in Xiamen signifies that curbs on the country's free trade of cultural artifacts may be going, going, gone.

  • Mao Yan's artworks on display

    2013-06-14 16:04

    At Pace Gallery in Beijing, Chinese oil painter Mao Yan is presenting his first solo exhibition.

  • Chinese artist stresses cultural creativity

    2013-06-14 11:28
  • Artists share perspectives on climate change

    2013-06-14 10:21

    Countless analyses and debates are the result of Beijing's air pollution and water concerns.