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  • Shakespeare's dedicated student

    2013-08-23 13:17

    Theater auteur Joseph Graves has either directed or acted in all of Shakespeare's works over the course of his career. Art beat in late August

  • German touch in Chinese buildings

    2013-08-22 22:57

    Among all the international players in architecture in China, GMP is one of the most productive.The German architecture agency is now revealing the secret of success: "designing in dialogue".

  • Graceful Posture of Pole Dance Champion

    2013-08-22 14:10

    The 19-year-old Zhou Jun won the Asia-Pacific International Pole Dancing Championships recently. In her latest photos, she looks sexy and healthy.

  • German students learn kung fu in Tianjin

    2013-08-22 13:44

    A group of 15 teachers and students from the Blue Dragon Martial Arts School in Munich, Germany traveled to the Tianjin University of Sport to study the martial arts for 14 days.

  • Arts education fights for the spotlight

    2013-08-21 11:16

    Wu Yonghui enrolled her 11-year-old daughter for painting class at Tianjin Youth Children Center during the summer vacation.

  • Qingcheng folk art attracts visitors

    2013-08-21 10:00

    The 2013 Qingcheng folk art cultural festival is held during August 18-21, and every year it attracts many visitors from all over China.

  • Always in bloom

    2013-08-20 13:33

    He may be the only person left who knows how to make the velvet flowers popularized in the Tang Dynasty, and he is anxious that the skill not be lost forever.

  • National youth calligraphy & painting contest opens

    2013-08-20 10:54

    Contestants attend the 5th national youth calligraphy and painting competition in Haikou city, South China's Hainan province, Aug 19, 2013.

  • Qigong Health Forum debuts in NY

    2013-08-20 10:13

    Chinese Qigong players perform Qigong at Washington Square on the sidelines of the 1st Health Qigong Wellness Forum in New York, Aug 18, 2013.

  • Precious pots make good cuppa

    2013-08-19 14:19

    Yixing clay might be the most expensive mud in the world. A Yixing clay teapot sold for more than 12 million yuan ($1.96 million) at a Beijing auction in 2010.

  • Light festival brightens life

    2013-08-19 09:39

    The light festival, which continued on Sunday, brings together representatives of all fields of the creative industry to showcase light design projects on topics ranging from environmental protection to childhood leisure.

  • A feast for the eyes, not the stomach

    2013-08-18 07:52

    Enjoy a feast for the eyes at Shanghai's IFC mall where 20 sets of delicious-looking miniature food will make your mouth water.