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  • Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art opens

    2013-09-22 09:45

    Opened Saturday at Zhejiang Art Museum and China National Silk Museum, the 1st Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art displays 186 pieces of works from 45 artists.

  • Framing contemporary Asian art

    2013-09-22 07:58

    Long Museum is hosting a show of 40 works from more than 30 Asian artists, named Clues of Asia - Asian Contemporary Art from Long Collection.

  • Majestic freehand, love of nature

    2013-09-22 07:54

    Over the long history of Chinese painting, bird-and-flower painting has always been one of three main subjects along with landscapes and figures.

  • Classic style given modern flair

    2013-09-22 07:54

    One of the most notable painters in China, Guo Shifu is a master in freehand bird-and-flower painting.
    Majestic freehand, love of nature

  • Beijing's rabbit god returns

    2013-09-19 09:34

    Though it was on the brink of dying out just a few decades ago, the tradition of sculpting icons for Mid-Autumn Festival is coming back.

  • Geometry shapes artist's work

    2013-09-18 15:53

    As the winner of the Yishu 8 award in 2013, Chesnier received the chance to come to Beijing and stay for three months to work on her art.

  • Art works of National Art Museum of China(2)

    2013-09-18 09:12

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Art Museum of China. The museum boasts an immense collection of 110,000 items.

  • Taiwan Yuju Opera troupe performs in Jinan

    2013-09-17 15:37

    A new Yuju Opera show, which featured traditonal Yuju arias, modern acting and Taiwanese folk songs, was staged by Taiwan Yuju Opera Troupe in Jinan on Monday.

  • Reconstructing renovation

    2013-09-17 09:30

    Villagers call him "Crazy Ian". The nickname was invented years ago, when he started renovating tumbledown buildings in Jiuxian village, a rural settlement flanking Guangxi's Yangshuo area.

  • Wushu spirit

    2013-09-17 09:26

    The owner of one of China's top martial arts schools tells why the school is guided by the legacy of the legendary Huo Yuanjia.

  • 2013 Beijing Int'l Taiji Rouliqiu Festival

    2013-09-17 09:08

    2013 Beijing International Taiji Rouliqiu Festival was held in Beijing. 54 teams comprising more than 650 taiji rouliqiu players, from 18 countries and regions participated in the performance and competition.

  • Yu Fei'an's flower-and-bird painting sells for $695,900

    2013-09-16 14:44

    Gongbi master Yu Fei'an's flower-and-bird painting, Blossoms of Four Seasons, was sold for 4.26 million yuan ($695,900) at the Beijing Council International Auction's summer sales, which concluded on Thursday.