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  • Autumn HK auction to feature contemporary art

    2013-10-16 16:50

    Bonhams' upcoming Hong Kong autumn auction will offer more than 150 paintings of Asian 20th century and contemporary art.

  • Chinese and Arabic national museum directors meet in Beijing

    2013-10-16 14:09

    The China-Arab Forum of National Museum Directors was held Tuesday at the National Museum of China and will run through Wednesday.

  • Self portrait of Da Vinci debuts in China

    2013-10-16 10:43

    Visitors enjoy western paintings at the European and American Classical Art Exhibition at the Shandong Museum in Jinan, Shandong province, October 15.

  • Photos capture Arctic beauty before it is too late

    2013-10-16 10:25

    Arctic Life, a photo exhibition currently presented in Beijing, gives a glimpse of the cold, mysterious landscape and the residents of the Arctic Circle to the outside world.

  • Music connects Canada and China

    2013-10-16 07:07

    On a Monday afternoon at Fragrant Hills (Xiangshan), tourists unexpectedly met a brass quintet playing Bach and Brahms.

  • Art festival brings culture to the public

    2013-10-16 09:28

    For Li Zhichen, a Jinan local in his 30s, the opening ceremony of the 10th China Art Festival in Shandong province exceeded expectations.

  • Fashion sculptor Liu Haifeng

    2013-10-15 11:09

    Liu Haifeng, now an associate professor at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, infuses "fashion" into his artistic creations.

  • 'Dream of the Red Chamber' staged in Jinan

    2013-10-15 10:43

    Actors perform a scene from Kunqu Opera 'Dream of the Red Chamber' during the 10th China Art Festival in Jinan, Shandong province on October 14, 2013.

  • Artist fuses ink of China and oil of the West

    2013-10-14 15:47

    For over a millennium, Chinese artists have been using ink to express the beauty of flowers and birds. Artist Huang Yue has carried that tradition on, but uses a different medium – oil.

  • A good yarn

    2013-10-14 11:00

    Movana Chen's one-woman-show at ArtisTree illustrates how seamlessly she weaves together literature and performance art.

  • Top 10 places to enjoy art in Beijing

    2013-10-14 09:49

    Beijing is not only the economic, political and educational center of China, but also its cultural and artistic center.

  • The genius of Da Vinci on display

    2013-10-13 08:27

    Leonardo da Vinci is best known in China for his masterpiece Mona Lisa, but an exhibition in Shanghai shows he is also a genius in math, mechanics, biology, astronomy and many other domains.