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  • 'Drum God' to be staged in Taichung

    2013-07-29 09:20

    The Dance Drama "Drum God" held by two cross-strait ensembles will be performed on Aug 10 in Taichung city.

  • Zhu Naizheng's art works: calligraphy

    2013-07-26 16:39

    Famous artist Zhu Naizheng's calligraphy works are listed.

  • Zhu Naizheng's art works: paintings

    2013-07-26 16:29

    Famous artiest Zhu Naizheng's paintings are listed.

  • Art beat (July 26-Aug 22)

    2013-07-26 14:54

    Cultural events in Chinese big cities during July 26-Aug 22.

  • Romeo and Juliet will be staged in Taiwan

    2013-07-26 14:48

    From July 26 to 28, ballet Romeo and Juliet, adapted from Shakespeare's famous work, will be staged in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Moving oceans

    2013-07-26 14:20

    An art exhibition is exploring what the world would be like if the Pacific Ocean was placed in the center of it.

  • Lego warrior on display in Shanghai

    2013-07-26 11:21

    Forty-two pieces by Lego artist Nathan Sawaya are being shown at Super Grand Mall in Pudong district, Shanghai from July 26 to October 27.

  • Ancient music comes to life at conference

    2013-07-26 11:12

    The Chinese bili flute, Korean hyeongeum zither and Japanese shamisen lute have come together to create a convivial scene in Music from the Tang Court, a new work composed by Ye Guohui.

  • Scroll artist redefines 'the big picture'

    2013-07-26 02:00

    Known for painting landscapes on big scrolls, Chinese artist Dong Xiyuan leads an "austere life", in the words of his friends and art critics.

  • Sound effects

    2013-07-26 01:46

    When an award-winning composer finds music in the bustling sounds of old Beijing, the result is magical.

  • Watermelon art blooms

    2013-07-25 10:07

    Zhang Yunxiao, a fruit dealer, carves vivid flowers like peonies and roses and other patterns on the melons. The price for each melon is 20 yuan to 50 yuan.

  • 'Journey to the West' performed in NY

    2013-07-25 09:25

    Acrobatic opera "Journey to the West" is staged at Lincoln Center in New York, the United States on July 23, 2013.