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Dog encounter makes me howl in fear

[2011-11-03 16:22]

I recently pedaled my bike on the long, straight boulevard from Tsinghua University's northeast gate toward Wudaokou subway station.

Train travel is a lesson in eating away time

[2011-11-02 14:55]

My wife and I boarded a train during the National Day holiday.

Finding what's serene to me far from the scenery

[2011-11-01 12:01]

There are moments when Beijing can get a bit too much.

I'm the proof women drivers are worse than men

[2011-10-27 10:37]

I have finally surrendered and now admit that an age-old claim is true: Women are far worse drivers than men.

When China says jump we need to ask, how high?

[2011-10-25 11:22]

At the first university I taught at in China I used to discuss with my students what the campus would be like if every teacher started driving a car to class.

Getting a handle on rural China's baijiu culture

[2011-10-20 09:44]

I had long heard that drinking rituals in China's rural areas are fiercer than in the cities.

T-shirt messages that simply don't 'feel fine, very much!'

[2011-10-19 11:09]

A friend and I went on a mission in Shenzhen: to buy the funniest Chinglish T-shirts we could find.

Stolen cycles land me on saddle of a 'Flying Pigeon'

[2011-10-19 09:11]

I felt a sense of disbelief. My bicycle was no longer where I had parked it.

A backseat driver has a front-row seat on car madness

[2011-10-13 11:12]

I have the best time in the car when I'm with my Chinese in-laws.

What's in a name? Just about everything

[2011-10-12 10:34]

Business cards are almost as important as the names themselves in China.

When school means more homework for mothers

[2011-09-28 11:51]

I have been bombarded by criticism about my choice of a Chinese school for my English boy.

Gleaming venues, cheery volunteers, and pure spectacle

[2011-09-27 11:47]

Another sporting event completed, another exhaustive, dazzling display by Chinese hosts.

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