Lifestyle / Hot Pot Column

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

[2009-05-04 09:02]

A happy group of foreigners gathers at the door of an exotic Sichuan restaurant and a waiter leads the party of five to a lovely hand-carved wooden table.

Miss Yuyun goes to Washington

[2009-04-30 10:01]

A Chinese with only 24 hours in Washington DC would probably jog up Capitol Hill and then aim for the White House.

My divided heart and the place I call home

[2009-04-29 09:49]

When I left China for a visit home and landed at the airport on Kauai, Hawaii, I was teary-eyed at being "home again".

Revolution is in the air for nostalgic tenor

[2009-05-07 09:17]

There will be a revolutionary tinge to Chinese tenor Li Shuangjiang's May 14 concert at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Those were the days, of idyllic fun and few worries

[2009-04-28 10:13]

I grew up on a farm at a time when life was simple. Though I doubt I can adjust to rural life again after so many years in the city

A last-minute mad rush again? Guess who's not coming to dinner

[2009-04-27 09:44]

A few Chinese friends have the very annoying habit of shooting out dinner invitations at the very last minute.

Why is China angry?

[2009-04-24 08:52]

In fact China is "mad as hell and is not going to take this any more", to paraphrase a line from Network, the 1976 movie.

US academia: more pressure cooker than a full-course banquet

[2009-04-23 09:05]

I arrived in the United States a year after the Lu Gang incident, yet it was still a frequent topic of discussion among overseas Chinese students.

Green yields to white, giving me the ride of my life

[2009-04-22 09:20]

I recently took the new bullet train to Beijing from my hometown Taiyuan, in Northwest China's Shanxi province.

In English ... as you like it

[2009-04-22 08:57]

Say you're a lover of literary classics and are about to set off for China for an extended stay. You may want to have your favorite books at your fingertips.

Merry mix-ups when you think local, speak global

[2009-04-21 09:21]

Once I asked a Chinese colleague who visited my place: "Aren't you cold?" "Yes," he replied. So I shut the window, thinking he was feeling cold.

The rain of pain falls mainly on the brain

[2009-04-20 09:27]

When does the magic happen?" most Chinese language beginners ask. How long does it take before they can roam from Xi'an to Yunnan.