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Around the world in a day

[2010-05-18 09:48]

The line snaked off into the distance, with no end in sight.

Cantonese tongue twisters turn into plot-twisters

[2010-05-13 09:40]

Standing on the peak of Taishan, holding a camera for a newlywed couple from Shenzhen, I heard the woman suddenly yell to me in Cantonese.

Long and short of a wedding, Chinese-style

[2010-05-12 09:46]

For once, words failed me.

'I love you' - It's easy and says a lot

[2010-05-11 09:31]

When I was a new teacher in China, every day I taught English to my students and they taught me about China.

English crucial to Hainan island's tourism plans

[2010-05-06 10:51]

The Chinese know it, and so do the Russians, but Hainan is a mystery to most of my friends.

There's more to learning language than just words

[2010-05-05 10:20]

One of the best parts of studying Chinese in China is overhearing conversations between people who assume I can't understand them.

At this price, my hair salon is surely a cut above the rest

[2010-05-04 09:41]

I'm never that keen to get my hair cut. I let it get to the point where I can barely stand it, and then make the trip to get it done.

Mangling the language all part of the learning curve

[2010-04-29 09:33]

"Little monkey, c'm'ere a moment!" The man sitting next to me beckoned.

Surprise start to a healthy lifestyle

[2010-04-28 10:05]

I have recently had a revelation that may very well have changed my life.

Making a home and life on love alone

[2010-04-27 09:45]

There are days when I miss Australia. I miss small things, like the smell of the eucalypts drying in the summer heat, or the crash of the sea onto the banks.

Quake shakes up our sense of social responsibility

[2010-04-22 09:28]

An old wise man once told me that every event in life, even if it is tragic, offers a learning experience.

Don't forget your pleases and thank-yous unless you're Chinese

[2010-04-21 09:22]

Mama always taught me to remember my "pleases" and "thank-yous", but my Chinese friends have been trying to teach me to forget them.