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From so-called enemies to good friends

[2009-03-18 11:05]

Air travel has become, at its best, something to be endured. Some airports address this by providing certain creature comforts.

The letter of the law

[2009-03-18 09:30]

It often appears in beverage ads touting the drink's vitamin contents. It can also be seen in the logo of the state broadcaster, China Central Television.

Trashing the path less trodden

[2009-03-17 10:47]

One of the best things about spring in Beijing is the number of hiking options just a short car ride away.

Why celery-eating sharks are brilliant language teachers

[2009-03-16 09:45]

The Beijing taxi driver was stunned to hear my utter gibberish. "I feel sad because I'm good at going to hell to watch a shark eat celery," I say in Chinese.

Caribbean cool deserts Zhang in prim, proper Japan

[2009-03-13 10:37]

In contrast to the good grace that Zhang Ziyi showed when caught in flagrante delicto on a Caribbean beach with boyfriend Vivi Nevo, the Chinese actress threw a wobbly after a Japanese magazine caught her having dinner with a tycoon from the Land of the Rising Sun.

A language the Chinese understand well

[2009-03-12 09:38]

I don't speak Chinese, but I have traveled all over China, sometimes alone, and I have had marvelous experiences because I do speak the universal language - a smile.

Sharp as a needle thanks to acupuncture

[2009-03-10 10:06]

If you compiled a list of must-do things in China, what would it include? More interesting than simply visiting the Great Wall and eating Peking duck might be riding the buses and trains instead of cruising from A to B at 12,000 m.

A mirror has two faces

[2009-03-06 09:07]

A week ago, Cecilia Cheung gave a television interview in Hong Kong. It was her first public appearance since the sex photo disgrace more than a year ago.

Drunken Master stumbles on his museum quest

[2009-03-05 09:31]

JC", also known as Jackie Chan, has been looking to his legacy. The actor, 55 on Saturday, has been hawking the idea of a museum dedicated to himself for the past 10 years

Wild and whacky world inhabited by Chinese characters

[2009-03-05 09:31]

It's often said that you have mastered a language when you know its proverbs and can use them properly in a conversation or in writing

Thanks China Daily, for restoring my morning ritual

[2009-03-04 09:52]

I think I am pretty adaptable. I lived in Japan many years ago and felt that, when I moved to China to work as a teacher.

My obsession with dieting was a lot of pain gone to waist

[2009-03-03 09:54]

Losing weight is a sort of self-abuse. There is an increasing number of dieters who treat their stomachs as a measure of how much they've eaten.