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What I love most 'a boot' my homeland

[2008-06-30 08:47]

"So, you're from the States?" "No, I'm from Canada." "Canada! Sorry for the mistake."

The earnest art of framing goes a long, long way

[2008-06-26 13:59]

In a stuffy room, we found a man in his 30s sweating over painting frames. My friend showed him an oil painting with a boat under the rising sun.

Top 10 newsmakers

[2008-06-26 09:59]

Gillian Chung, the disgraced pop singer from the Hong Kong sex photo scandal, will be paid $3 million for a photo album.

Getting a kick out of school

[2008-06-25 09:21]

When my sister recently visited me, we talked the most about education. In Xi'an of Shaanxi province, all parents send their kids to after-school classes.

How a spring blossom smile won my first job

[2008-06-24 11:11]

When the peach blossoms started waving and smiling to me on the campus, I realized that spring was in the air, a time for college graduates like me to find a job.

Why I just can't get enough

[2008-06-23 11:13]

All of us expats have after-work pastimes and my hobby just happens to be music.

Passion for strange tales of potent pop

[2008-06-19 10:46]

I don't consider myself a pop fan, yet I've fallen in love with three pop songs, each of them downloaded millions of times.

Tie a yellow ribbon around a cuddly toy for remembrance

[2008-06-18 15:23]

Conscious that my colleagues were bravely sending in reports from earthquake-hit areas, I decided to make a personal gesture of support.

Fond memories spawned from raising silkworm

[2008-06-17 11:34]

Recently, my colleague asked me if I had any mulberry leaves, as his son was raising silkworm. A few decades ago, raising silkworm was one of my hobbies.

Little ray of sunshine in shape of a girl

[2008-06-16 10:06]

In a small village, north of Beijing, I joined a local family and celebrated the birth of their baby girl.

How we use twists of the tongue to seal better deals

[2008-06-13 08:58]

My father waved a dismissive hand at the vendor shoving an antique box under his nose, and while patting his belly with his other hand, told her: "You le."

Not just a spice, but the very spirit of Sichuan

[2008-06-11 15:47]

I never know what to order at Chinese restaurants in Beijing. So the first question from friends I dine with is almost always: "Do you take spicy stuff?"