Lifestyle / Hot Pot Column

A good buddy gone in a puff of smoke

[2007-02-14 10:49]

In the community where I live, there was a humble cigarette stand. Its shabby cover could barely ward off wind or rain, but the cigarettes were the best in the neighborhood.

The winter wonderland of my content

[2007-02-13 09:27]

The Chinese can sometimes be a weird bunch. In summer, the men love pulling their T-shirts up to expose their mighty bellies.

Revenge is a dish best served in a hotpot

[2007-02-09 10:07]

In the spirit of this column's title, I feel the need to share a very bizarre experience, in which I became the main course of a fish-filled hotpot.

Of hits and misses: Zhang Ziyi's latest flame

[2007-02-08 09:32]

Zhang Ziyi has unveiled her new date. Before I burst into Que sera, sera, one thing is definite: He is not Chinese.

It's time to save face and keep the magic

[2007-02-07 10:06]

It is with more than a little disappointment that I read that someone was offering to sell the secrets of bianlian for 3,000 yuan.

Sneaky way to beat the rush hour

[2007-02-06 10:28]

There I was, enjoying a leisurely morning stroll to work when my reverie was shattered in a barrage of blasts from a particularly dirty-sounding car horn.

It was really cheap-a cheap - all the way!

[2007-02-02 09:12]

I did my Christmas shopping on Sunday. How's that for a time warp?

Coupons, old cats and that 80s party

[2007-02-01 09:09]

Since the earliest piece of clothing I have was made in 1993, I could only put on a sweater that looked 80s style.

That's that, or more like nage, nage

[2007-01-31 09:00]

Chinese don't utter "um", when they are lost for words, they say "nage".

The curse of the flowery pajamas

[2007-01-30 08:58]

I reckoned it was not too outlandish to wear my flowery cotton pajamas in the neighborhood.

How to sell a veil in a China shop

[2007-01-25 10:25]

The movie is partly a Chinese production, and judging by word of mouth it should have grossed some decent box office gloss.

One question that never starts fights

[2007-01-24 10:23]

Chi fan le ma (have you eaten?) is what many Chinese ask after saying ni hao.