Lifestyle / Hot Pot Column

Playing your cards right in our golden era

[2007-04-17 16:57]

I did not use a wallet before I went to college and used to stuff all my change into pockets.

Pining for Willie, smashing a vicious cycle

[2007-04-16 16:02]

What's one way to make Chinese city slickers laugh out loud? Tell them your bicycle has been stolen.

Waxing lyrical about the apple of temptation

[2007-04-12 11:26]

A few days ago, I followed my wife to a fruit market and we were both tempted by something beautiful jumping from the boxes.

In Visa-ville, it's all about who you know

[2007-04-10 09:51]

My husband was in Singapore for a two-week project, so I planned to take my daughter to join him during her spring break.

Gan bei! to airport security

[2007-04-06 09:40]

The airline industry represents the ultimate victory of globalization: same planes, rules, suspicious stares at Customs.

Available donors of a lonely heart

[2007-04-05 17:05]

I've always felt that the lonely hearts advertisements in the newspaper classifieds are brilliant.

Feng shui and the art of monkey magic

[2007-04-04 10:58]

The Los Angeles Zoo has paid a feng shui expert $4,500 to make three little Chinese monkeys feel warm and fuzzy in their new luxury compound.

Rural-urban semantic divide

[2007-04-03 09:43]

If you look up the words "urban", "suburban" or "rural" in English and Chinese dictionaries, they list definitions that are essentially the same.

The big smile said it all

[2007-03-29 10:28]

My dad, who passed away six years ago, was one of the most affable people you can imagine.

Thrills of my city apartment

[2007-03-27 09:55]

For a man who grew up in a suburban retirement bungalow, my 38-square-meter city center apartment has taken some getting used to.

Fat, filthy or sincere, honest?

[2007-03-26 09:32]

This is the Year of the Pig. We Chinese are supposed to turn the animal into a lovey-dovey pet.

The day the dragon raised its head

[2007-03-22 10:34]

I'm not a superstitious person, but recently found myself following superstition unwittingly by getting my hair cut on the second day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which fell on March 20 this year.