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Not all that lost in translation

[2010-07-21 10:06]

After a 13-hour flight from the United States, I arrived in Beijing starry-eyed, excited, and slightly jet-lagged.

Add spice to your life with sausages

[2010-07-20 09:44]

"Do you want to learn to make sausages?"

When modern rock meets ancient guitar

[2010-07-15 09:20]

When foreign friends see it, they ask, "What is it?"

My road to becoming an armchair sports fan

[2010-07-14 10:15]

As a kid, I played basketball and baseball, which are the only sports I understand. Baseball became boring and basketball is now a game for spoiled, overpaid, vulgar players, so I was no longer interested. That is, until Yao Ming joined the Houston Rockets.

Give us this day our daily bread

[2010-07-13 10:28]

"I'd like to learn to make bread, can you teach me?" asked my neighbor.

Hounding a vet for answers to our dog's problem

[2010-07-08 10:26]

A dull street lamp vaguely lights us from above. Dust is flying through the air.

Measuring up to learning Chinese

[2010-07-07 09:43]

The response of Chinese on learning their foreign friends are learning Chinese, is almost invariably - "Learning Chinese is very difficult."

What's your poison?

[2010-07-06 09:15]

The word ganbei makes me want to run for the hills.

Thief's serial mistakes end with me getting phone back

[2010-07-01 09:36]

I was in Guomao subway station listening to a Mariah Carey song on my iPhone when the music suddenly stopped.

A banquet survival guide

[2010-06-30 10:00]

I woke up in some hotel room I'd never seen before in Danjiankou, Hubei province, with no idea how I got there.

Recycling begins at home

[2010-06-29 09:12]

My wife and I are trying to reduce our contribution to landfill, in whatever small we can. As Wen Hengfeng, a full-time garbage campaigner at Global Village Beijing says, "Even the smallest actions can help save the planet".

Passengers kept waiting in the wings

[2010-06-24 09:45]

An airport departure lounge in the thunderstorm-prone summer afternoons is like a visit to a dental office in the US.