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Peking Opera master's story fails to enthrall

[2008-12-29 11:10]

An interesting subject as it is, Chen Kaige-directed Forever Enthralled fails to develop it into an equally poignant story.

Beware green hat gifts or Yule be very sorry

[2008-12-29 11:10]

On Christmas Eve last week, Beijing's restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars were busier than a local traffic cop during rush hour. My Chinese friends were really putting the jingle in Beijing.

Students' shot at Fame is murder in the first degree

[2008-12-24 10:24]

I thought of others, too, but most musicals tend to concentrate on a handful of starring roles.  But not Fame. It calls for an ensemble cast, with a dozen characters each given a big number.

Better to be free than comfortable in captivity

[2008-12-23 11:22]

We took our 3-year-old son to one of the nation's biggest aquariums at Beijing Zoo on Sunday.

No kidding, Deng saved me from a life of hoe hoe hoe

[2008-12-18 09:31]

It's not every day that I think about what I would be doing if China had not undertaken the road to reform and opening up. When I do think about it, I know it's no laughing matter.

Christmas wraps up another year of surprises

[2008-12-15 16:46]

Fireworks, 5,000 years of history, and giant whales swimming around the stadium all set the tone before the Olympians dazzled us with world records and feats of the fantastic.

Why my dreams of quitting always go up in smoke

[2008-12-09 09:52]

Many expats say China is a smoker's heaven and a quitter's hell. A halo of smoke hovers above most friendly male-to-male interactions, and sometimes, refusing to light up can damn a guest to a most undesirable loss of face.

Lots of pop from Aussie princess but few bubbles

[2008-12-04 08:13]

Kylie Minogue's show at Beijing Worker's Gymnasium this week showed that she is a real "Pea Princess". The consensus was that the Aussie was in good shape and moved well for a 40-year-old dame, while her voice is maturing with age.

Bracing for the season's blood, sweat and tears

[2008-12-03 08:03]

When I arrived in Beijing last winter, my nose bled and throat hurt every day for two weeks.

It's time to learn the simple art of saving

[2008-12-02 07:49]

It's game over for the American consumer. Inflation-adjusted personal consumption expenditures are on track for rare back-to-back quarterly declines in the second half of 2008 at a 3.5 percent average annual rate. There are only four other instances since 1950 when real consumer demand has fallen for two quarters in a row. This is the first occasion when declines in both quarters will have exceeded 3 percent. The current consumption plunge is without precedent in the modern era.

Sweetness and light nourish office worker bees

[2008-11-27 08:45]

Office "worker bees" in their 30s and 40s like myself, worn out by the daily stress and strain of living in busy Beijing, have become increasingly blunted emotionally. On most weekdays we look as sulky as the wintry weather.

Fighting tooth and nail to save son's beautiful smile

[2008-11-26 08:00]

At midnight, the whole family woke up to my 3-year-old son's cries: "Help, mom! My tooth aches!" We ran to his rescue and found the usually brave boy in tears.