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Playing chess a serious business at work

[2008-03-18 07:31]

Chinese chess, or go, is something I associate with hermits dressed in long robes, who lived in the mountains and rode on red-crested cranes when they visited friends.

Psych quizzes starting to test my patience

[2008-03-13 09:23]

A week later, the company informed him that he didn't pass the test, which indicated that he had a tendency for violent behavior.

Calls from a cousin, sleepless in Vienna

[2008-03-11 09:40]

Each time I get a call from a strange number, I know it is from my cousin.

In this town, one dish is the epitome of swine dining

[2008-03-06 10:03]

Sichuan cuisine has become very popular in recent years. But often it's hard to find the meat hidden among the red and green peppers.

So what makes you so special then, huh?

[2008-03-05 14:49]

Each time my boss drives the screw into his employees, he repeats the same thing: "Which pieces of Chinese onion do you think you are?"

Good help not easy to find but hard to accept

[2008-03-04 15:45]

We quickly discovered that finding a suitable nanny is just as hard as finding the love of one's life.

Embracing the similarities not the differences

[2008-03-03 07:05]

If I had only focused on the China's differences I would have packed my bags long ago. Of course there are differences.

The high cost of joining the holiday fray

[2008-02-28 10:19]

According to the plan determined by our family council, we spent the Spring Festival with my wife's parents in Chongqing municipality. In

Past the stage of tolerating hostel hells

[2008-02-27 10:23]

I've been attracted by hostels that, in my eyes, stand for youth, traveling and enjoying yourself wherever possible.

How manic masseuses rub me the wrong way

[2008-02-26 07:28]

When she pulled down my disposable thong and placed her oil-drenched hands firmly on my buttocks, I realized I didn't even know her name.

Wuhan - a gem overlooked by many expats

[2008-02-25 14:18]

The soon-to-be Wuhan expat was about to embark on a 12-month contract in the central Chinese city, he logged onto a Wuhan Internet forum to ask a question: "Should I bring my wife?"

How music has made my family memory complete

[2008-02-21 15:25]

For many years, I've been afraid of a melody. I can't tell what instruments it involves, or if it is electronically arranged with some human voice.