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Feeling like a bull in a China shop

[2009-06-23 10:24]

It was while shopping for meat in the supermarket that I realized that my reliance on pantomime was getting out of control.

Dam this Net Nanny

[2009-06-19 09:19]

I don't see anything green in Green Dam. Instead I've noticed gobs of red and black.

Straddling two worlds and belonging to both

[2009-06-18 10:29]

For a while, I could not understand why I felt melancholic after meeting four Chinese friends from my graduate school days.

Led into peace by ancient book of truths

[2009-06-17 10:08]

I throw three coins, they clink on the table and create a hexagram, and then I consult the I Ching,as I have done for 15 years.

Studying more to learn less and less

[2009-06-16 10:11]

If you're a foreigner, I know your Chinese isn't very good. In fact, it's probably horrible. Maybe it should even be described with expletives.

Chill, Grasshopper: Understanding China takes time

[2009-06-15 08:53]

Little Stumpy Mobbs charges me like a wounded bull, swinging his arms, kicking his legs and screaming "Ah yaaaa!" I duck from his crazy moves before striking back.

Learning to change

[2009-06-12 09:03]

Last year, I received an e-mail story from a friend. She often sends me interesting postings with bi-cultural significance.

A search for solace that ends in tai chi

[2009-06-11 10:38]

I was in Boston for a short trip and met up with my old friend Mary from Philadelphia, whom I haven't seen for a year.

Same old village but brand new livelihoods

[2009-06-10 10:31]

A solitary farmer makes his way up the track with some kind of crude tree-pruning implement resting on his shoulder.

Great expat-ations

[2009-06-22 09:24]

My family was posted to work in China for four years since 1994.

Why my moral dilemma is extremely fishy

[2009-06-22 09:20]

The moving-home experience in China is just like anywhere else, one big hassle. Before the truck arrived and five Sichuan migrant workers stomped through my apartment.

Global cast to help Survivor stay afloat

[2009-06-09 10:13]

It is not difficult to dislike reality TV. There is little to stimulate one's intellectual faculties and certainly nothing of any far-reaching importance.