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Swept away in my own hoop dreams

[2007-11-09 07:12]

I'm living in a fantasy world. The NBA basketball season tipped off last week, which for me is reason enough to rejoice.

The impossible dream of Beijing's new red chambers

[2007-11-08 07:08]

China has been in the grip of crab season, and the little nippers are as expensive as ever.

Hey, rich people! Holidays need not be so humdrum

[2007-11-07 07:19]

Holidays must be boring for the uber-rich. Not just the "I-own-a-city-block" folks but the kind of rich that warps minds. If Monday nights mean sipping back gold goblets full of 1787 Chateau Lafite, I'm talking to you. I respect your bulging coffers and sympathize with your apathy towards vacation time. What's so special about days off when working means taking stock of your stocks? Here's some suggestions for any future break from browsing for countries to buy.

Coming to a land of milk for money

[2007-11-06 07:09]

It has been awhile since I drank so much milk. The last time I remember, it was in primary school back in Singapore when pupils were made to down a pack of the liquid every day during recess. I recall that noble effort of a nascent nation to boost the diet of its children in a diluted, bland and artificially flavored way.

Teaching isn't really rocket science, is it?

[2007-11-02 07:18]

I ended up with 30 mature-aged budding astronauts singing along to an obscure kids' nursery rhyme at a corporate language class their company had organized.

School daze never cease to amaze

[2007-11-01 07:27]

School's out and a Beijing teenager sheds his blue-and-white tracksuit uniform jacket, dons an apricot vest, and strategically dips his gangster hat below one eye. The student slips on fingerless Micheal Jackson-style leather gloves and snaps up a cigarette from his buddy.

Future of tourism as written with a few of their stars

[2007-10-30 07:27]

James Bond the womanizer. James Bond the intelligence icon. James Bond the clotheshorse. And maybe, James Bond the tour guide?

How yelling 'duck' had them rolling on the ground

[2007-10-25 07:16]

My Chinese language teacher was in hysterics after finally understanding the meaning of an unusual colloquial English phrase.

How marriage made a monkey out of me

[2007-10-24 07:28]

Certainly, the wedding ceremony of my recent marriage was among the most awkward moments of my life.

Stand clear of the doors and young women

[2007-10-18 06:56]

Beijing's new subway line is absolutely sensational, but the attitude of some commuters needs serious overhauling.

Overpriced bitter English tea in Beijing

[2007-10-16 07:10]

Swarms of pilgrims and tourists flocked to the Forbidden City on the Friday of National Day golden week.

Hey brother! The game is on, do you mind?

[2007-10-11 07:11]

Wing nut, gibberer and flip are words many Australians would use to describe the young man whose drunken behavior in a Beijing bar last Saturday night did his country a disservice.