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Sweet & Sour

[2009-06-08 10:20]

When my small construction materials trading company in Beijing began to see greater sales and turnover, after a two-year struggle.

Great expat-ations

[2009-06-08 10:20]

I came to China with my husband and two small children because of my husband's local real estate business, Home Abroad.

When you have a ent-boy, what's the need for hurry?

[2009-05-19 10:02]

My son has turned 4, but I'm increasingly impatient with him, believing he is too slow in almost everything. However, sometimes I do wonder, what's the hurry?

Never lose sight of the white wolf in the new Wild Wild East

[2009-05-14 09:48]

To say that in the new Wild Wild East of China, anything is possible, may sound like a tiresome clich. But clichs do seem to exist for a reason.

Mum's not the word for tycoon's beauty queen wife

[2009-05-14 09:18]

It appears a Hong Kong beauty contest winner has refuted scientist Richard Dawkins' "selfish gene" theory.

The little ray of sunshine that brought out the poet in me

[2009-05-13 09:47]

For me, beating around the bush is now pass. I communicate with you today - almost six months after I arrived in China - because I want to relive an emotion I never thought I could feel.

In awe of Beijing: a reminder that age cannot wither her

[2009-05-12 09:47]

Even though I'd only flown halfway around the planet, I felt like I was a world away when I first came to China.

An American drifter's million-dollar mantra for happiness

[2009-05-07 09:27]

Donald was my PhD advisor in Boston. I have forgotten all of what he had taught me about evolution and molecular biology.

Zhao's executive decision may win him comic relief

[2009-05-07 09:08]

The country's comic laureate, Zhao Benshan, quietly enrolled at Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Graduate School on Monday in order to become a qualified CEO.

Bohemian, no rhapsody

[2009-05-07 08:53]

Western opera is not as popular in China as Peking Opera so a local angle is sometimes necessary to make it more accessible.

China's quest for 'est' not quite the best

[2009-05-06 09:50]

China loves being "est". Biggest, tallest, widest, highest, all words spoken proudly in China to describe buildings, dams, bridges and anything else that a superlative adjective can be applied to.

For a real start to China life, begin to see 2 as 8

[2009-05-05 09:40]

The big strawberries on the Beijing market remind me of my first spring here back in 1991.