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It's a smooth ride when translation apps are close at hand

[2012-04-12 10:31]

Getting a taxi in Beijing nowadays is increasingly a game of luck. One needs that perfect combination of right time, right place and the right people.

Dreams of my twins starring in CCTV gala are on hold

[2012-03-29 10:48]

From the time we found out we were having twin girls, my wife and I have been daydreaming about what their futures might hold.

Do Chinese have straight intestines, and foreigners wiggly ones?

[2012-03-20 13:16]

One of my neighbors believed that "foreigners" have wiggly intestines while Chinese intestines are straight.

E-bike dangers cause my thinking to switch gears

[2012-03-15 13:59]

It's no secret that traffic in China is often horrendous.

Planting serendipity to stop bugs and smokers

[2012-02-28 14:05]

In December 2011, Xie Jianping's peers offered him a seat among the elite of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

I'm giving up on giving up for Lent, having fun instead

[2012-02-23 13:06]

"My name is Ellie. I washed chocolate off my hands this morning." They all understood.

Children's bright hearts might light the road to redemption

[2012-02-15 13:31]

I'm filled with horror and righteous indignation. Why? I've just read The Flowers of War.

Why a passion for fashion amuses and bemuses me

[2012-02-14 13:20]

I'm thinking of starting a charity, one that will address an urgent and ever-worsening problem in China.

Attempts to avoid CNY minefield doomed to fail

[2012-02-09 10:36]

At home in the UK, I dread Nov 5. It's not the fact that the shops are already pumping out Bing Crosby with exhausting pre-Christmas zeal. It's the fireworks.

Home is where the heart is - and where the tracks lead

[2012-02-08 11:22]

At 12:37 pm, the elegant and futuristic-looking bullet train zips out of Jiaxing station.

Is it the zombie apocalypse or Chinese New Year?

[2012-02-07 13:16]

The chilled January wind swirled dust across our path as my Dutch friend and I walked down a side street just east of the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

A new class of Chinese students emerging in US

[2012-02-02 16:49]

University students from China studying in the United States don't look like they used to.