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School brings joy back into education

[2013-06-18 15:00]

It was Children's Day, and my son's school was having a big carnival with performances, classroom tours and cuisine prepared by parents.

Unwilling to be a silent victim of waste

[2013-05-28 13:50]

Some may think I'm a thrift maniac, as I can't stand any kind of waste and always try to give trash a second chance.

Waste not, want not

[2013-05-21 14:47]

The best news I heard since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in November is that the nation is being encouraged to avoid wasting food.

A man's best friend teaches writer about China

[2013-05-07 13:27]

As an adult, my reasons for wanting to adopt a dog were purely selfish. I wanted a companion.

Help in the home a family affair

[2013-04-25 13:30]

After taking care of our newborn baby for 2 months all by ourselves, my wife and I realized hiring an ayi is compulsory.

A day in the life of a foreign supermarket shopper

[2013-03-14 11:25]

Before moving to China, my fiancee and I had been warned: Don't forget to pack muesli and toothbrushes.

From Belarus and all over the world, with love

[2013-03-06 15:35]

One of the nicest surprises about my nearly four years stay in China is that I've learned a lot about ... Belarus.

Falling out of love in a different culture

[2013-02-20 11:13]

Breaking up is especially hard when you don't speak each other's language.

Catching cabs without going into the black

[2013-02-05 11:13]

The taxi problem in Beijing has become a favorite topic, probably because this winter is the coldest in years.

Seatbelt saved my life, twice - that's food for thought today

[2013-01-30 10:51]

The spray of glass whooshed up my nose. I don't remember that moment - or the three days that followed.

Thief saves us from hell on three wheels

[2013-01-24 13:35]

I hit the accelerator, and within about two seconds and as many meters - CRASH!

Charity that's more than just a song and dance routine

[2013-01-23 10:39]

On one winter's coldest nights, my son's school, the SMIC Private School of Beijing, held a charity performance.