Lifestyle / Hot Pot Column

The future isn't certain but it's sure delicious

[2007-09-04 07:08]

We live near a "no-future" alley, which runs through a vast expanse of "no-future" flat houses and decaying buildings.

Shopping for home wares is better in numbers

[2007-08-30 07:11]

Amid the deafening noise of electric saws and a repellent smell of lacquer, I found myself among a group of people in their late 30s scrutinizing doors.

Statue healer proves I'm not made of stone

[2007-08-29 07:15]

I met my feng shui master in Lijiang, an enchanting, 700-year-old city with streets paved in cobblestone and snow-capped mountains looming over traditional Chinese tiled roof-tops.

Bracing myself for a D Day of dental surgery

[2007-08-28 07:26]

Yep, here I was at a Beijing dental surgery being x-rayed by a machine that was far more intelligent than I am.

Of an itty-bitty kitty that needs to be adopted, for crying out loud

[2007-08-24 07:08]

We have seen all sorts of eccentric cats, but never before has there been such a kitten who wails like thunder.

Blasted heat does not suit me to a tea

[2007-08-23 07:07]

Ask me to list three things I can't live without on a hot summer day, and I'll say an air conditioner, a back-up air conditioner and several glasses of sweetened iced tea.

When the invisible umbilical cord is cut

[2007-08-22 07:08]

It is the parents, not the children, so she says, who suffer the most from separation anxiety.

Blog leads to strangers on my doorstep

[2007-08-21 07:08]

A few days ago, I was cleaning the mess left by our yellow kitten and my wife was preparing lunch.

Donate now, and save a small tot's ego

[2007-08-16 14:45]

For every social movement like USA for Africa or Live Earth, there's something like Pitch Correction for Ashlee Simpson or Won't Someone Think of a Fulfilling Post-UN Job for Kofi Annan.

Sex, money and more than a girl can wish

[2007-08-15 16:04]

TV matchmaking shows used to be popular in China. In their heyday, you could find them on four to five channels every week.

Pursuit of a phrase that pays dividends

[2007-08-14 13:59]

Back home in Australia, I had a friend who was obsessed by a race horse called Little Red Dragon.

Over 30? Well, forget about the entertainment beat

[2007-08-10 14:05]

What is the most exciting job aside for being a movie or music star? Being a reporter covering the entertainment beat.