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Ministry official in synch with real concert fans

[2008-11-25 07:59]

It's not often I feel it necessary, or am inspired enough, to put pen to paper in support of the actions of a government ministry, but today I do.

The times they are a-changin'

[2008-11-20 14:22]

I was taking a bus in Beijing recently when a Chinese woman asked me: "Were you a teacher at Erwai before?"

Singapore welcomes Gong Li

[2008-11-13 09:42]

On behalf of fellow Singapore citizens at home and abroad, welcome to your new life as one of us!

I want to lead the kids ... but get an even better lesson back

[2008-11-11 09:30]

My name-card collection bursts out of several boxes and runs the gamut of professions and personalities.

Day trip leaves me seeing red - but not as I had hoped

[2008-11-06 11:23]

Ever since the autumn wind arrived, I've been planning a trip to see the red leaves.

Dressed to impress on one hell of a scary night

[2008-11-04 14:35]

Halloween makes me grin like a jack-o-lantern.

Thanks to all who helped me clothe the needy children

[2008-10-30 11:44]

My trips to Qinghai province in Northwest China led me to the Tongren Lancai School 4,000 meters above sea level.

Love it or hate it, Pop Art show is a surefire success

[2008-10-28 09:07]

The locale for a Shanghai exhibition on Andy Warhol could not have been chosen better-a renovated steel factory called Red Town.

Here's a character like no other

[2008-10-27 09:53]

If you are thinking of picking up some Chinese during your stay in the Middle Kingdom, there's one character you will definitely want to know.

Learning bo po mo of hanyu in a Washington class

[2008-10-23 09:24]

It was my first day of class, and I was gung-ho for my Chinese Mandarin beginner's course.

Locked inside, I fall in love with my second home

[2008-10-22 10:50]

China is a revolving door for most foreigners. In just a little more than two years I've seen scads of expats come and go and have attended more going-away parties than birthday bashes with them.

A roaring good time hanging out with the thunder lizards

[2008-10-21 11:23]

Our son's kindergarten recently took the children to the Nature Museum for an autumn excursion.