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To feel the pulse of a city, go house hunting

[2009-12-16 10:38]

House hunting is like gambling. Till you're not doing it, you're safe. You can't lose what you don't put in the middle.

Finding the express route to reality on my Chinese skills

[2009-12-15 09:24]

My cell phone lit up with a number I didn't recognize. Numbers I don't recognize tend to be from Chinese-speakers, so I prepared my best, tone-rising Chinese phone greeting.

Though KTV gives me a hangover, no headaches anymore

[2009-12-10 09:55]

I find it strangely refreshing that I am enjoying KTV. Not that I dislike singing. On the contrary, I was an avid fan of pop music as a teenager.

Life is not easy but hard work always pays

[2009-12-09 09:53]

Recent reports about "ant people" - graduates who throng the suburbs of Beijing to eke out a living - has caught the attention of many and aroused much sympathy.

Taming the beast that is our wacky, wild feline friend

[2009-12-08 11:30]

"Little Wild Man" truly lives up to his name.

My brush with a scam, thanks to 'Section Chief Liu'

[2009-12-03 09:22]

When the phone rang at 9 am, I had no clue of the series of events that would follow. I heard a recorded message: "You have a summons issued by the Huzhou City Intermediary People's Court relayed by the Shanghai Municipal Intermediary People's Court.

Finally braved the hair salon, to come out 'dry washed'

[2009-12-02 10:14]

Getting a haircut can be a nerve-wracking experience, as you're left wondering whether your wishes are going to be interpreted correctly by the stylist.

Cruising my way into Chinese hearts with mike in hand

[2009-12-01 13:15]

After spending more than three years in China doing everything I can to avoid karaoke, I realize it's time to face the music.

Obama Drama

[2009-11-20 10:24]

presidential visit is always taken so seriously in China that nothing is left to chance. But nobody could have scripted the most memorable moment of United States President Barack Obama's visit early this week.

Cracking the great mysteries of a grand parade

[2009-11-19 11:01]

As I watched this year's National Day parade on TV, scenes of the parade I joined 10 years ago flashed through my mind. I was in junior middle school - one the closest to Zhongnanhai.

Saintly Sinner

[2009-11-27 09:58]

Shaolin Temple's website recently took on a new look.

What some will do for red hot hair

[2009-11-18 11:09]

To dye or not to dye is a dilemma many people with gray hair face, particularly those who don't believe they are quite at a graying age.