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Fishing for a bargain is harder than I realized

[2008-10-16 15:31]

Even though people joke that the antiques in Panjiayuan are 200 percent fake, the antique market attracts thousands of visitors wanting to try their luck.

Men's fashion mags have no connection with the real world

[2008-10-15 08:07]

I am honored to have become a "fashion consultant" for a 40-something man who is well built except for a slight tummy. I see him as a kind of "fashionable old scholar". I take the job of choosing clothes for him rather seriously, as this tells me a lot about 40-plus Chinese men.

I put my big foot in it and was richer for the experience

[2008-10-14 09:38]

While the rest of Qingdao was busy planting petunias next to highways or carting away truckloads of algae from the beach in preparation for the 29th Olympic Sailing Regatta, we were treating ourselves to having our feet bathed and massaged.

The day a die-hard fan looked down on Peking Opera

[2008-10-08 09:52]

As a die-hard fan of Peking Opera, I was thrilled to get a chance to watch a show at a newly completed theater for folk opera in Beijing.

Memories of an Olympic summer outlive the Games

[2008-10-07 08:54]

It's been a full month since I last slurped broad Chinese noodles, donned my bright-blue volunteer outfit or gawked at elderly ladies practicing taichi in Beijing's early morning hours.

The surprise love that arrived with my new husband

[2008-09-25 17:32]

Five years ago, when we decided to get married, my mother-in-law couldn't return to China from the United States because she had just had a surgery.

Planning the kids' classes needs so much homework

[2008-09-25 09:46]

I recently joined other parents for a briefing at our son's kindergarten before the new semester began.

Nothing has changed in post-quake Chengdu

[2008-09-23 14:40]

When I'm asked why I like Chengdu so much, I always reply: "Chengdu is where I feel totally comfortable."

Beyond taxi touts, are a warm people with a kind heart

[2008-09-17 14:17]

"Don't carry too much cash with you and make sure you don't get cheated," a colleague reminded me when I told him I was going to Songshan Mountain in Henan.

How love hit me smack dab on the nose

[2008-09-16 16:50]

It was a hot August day in Heidelberg, Germany. Mars had not been as close to Earth as it was that summer for thousands of years.

How I was conned into crooning a carol

[2008-09-12 16:26]

"You've really offended them! Really!" she insisted, her eyes wide with shock.

Riding in Beijing; plenty of thrills without the frills

[2008-09-11 14:23]

Bicycles. Millions of the things, hurtling down Beijing's highways and sidewalks in perpetual motion.