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Chances of finding a stereotype are a billion to one

[2009-03-02 09:51]

Three Australian sports editors are arguing loudly about a famous footballer's fall from grace as their newspaper's deadline looms.

Web lit blooms, Chow's marriage bears fruit O(∩_∩)O

[2009-02-27 08:52]

forms of Chinese-language expression that were in vogue but are now passe include "pear blossom" and "brain damaged".

Grandiose nuptials tug on heartstrings - and purse strings

[2009-02-26 09:50]

The global economic crisis is forcing everyone to tighten their belts but you can still cut loose on special occasions.

Absolutely floored by this heating

[2009-02-25 09:50]

However, anyone who has endured Beijing's winter knows that the two weeks before and after this period are the most uncomfortable. That is why my husband and I opted for independent heating when we decided to become a slave to the bank for our dream home.

Slumdog wags its tale

[2009-02-23 18:09]

Slumdog Millionaire is many things: It is a multiple award winner, having garnered five Critics' Choice Awards,

Discovering a new neighborhood in the niu year

[2009-02-19 08:56]

"I will show you," she said and kindly led us to a hutong 200 m away. The jiaozi maker was covered with flour; he had been so busy since dawn that he was unable to leave for the market. He told us not to worry, that there would be enough for all of us.

Hear this loud and clear - I experienced a real Spring Festival

[2009-02-18 08:10]

One promise I had made to myself living in China was to find a real Chinese Spring Festival, in a village, with real people rather than foreigners and city types.

Going totally crackers

[2009-02-13 15:28]

When Zhang Yimou conceived the opening gala for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he intended that fireworks would show off one of the "four great inventions of ancient China".

Clone culture rescues national soccer team

[2009-02-12 11:14]

China showed off its athletic prowess last year when it topped the medal table at the Olympics, so how come it can't produce a soccer team worth shouting for? It's a shame the country that arguably played the beautiful game first is represented by the China Super League, a source of mirth around the world.

My many Chinese friends prove to be my family

[2009-02-12 11:13]

My many Chinese friends prove to be my family.

Kindergarten's temple fair warms mom's heart

[2009-02-10 11:02]

Temple fairs are a major attraction for Chinese during the Spring Festival. But a recent experience at two such fairs was quite an eye-opener.

Gala is sync and tired of non-performers

[2009-01-23 11:37]

The upcoming CCTV Spring Festival Gala should be a classic - and for all the wrong reasons. After four rehearsals, and just a week from D-Day, the problems keep mounting.