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Chen saga finally behind Cheung with Tse Jr 2 on the way?

[2009-07-09 09:43]

Actress and singer Joey Wong, 42, has shaved her locks and cloistered herself in Canada as a nun, according to a report. The Taipei-born thespian made a pile of films in the late 80s and 90s, but in recent years has filled more column inches for her repeated farewells to showbiz.

Jackie Chan provides miracle cure during a visit to the hospital

[2009-07-08 13:40]

During my first visit to a Chinese hospital recently, I was thrilled to experience a cultural shock. After living in China for half a year, I was scared by some red spots that had spread all over my right hand, as if I had been working in a factory of dangerous chemicals for years without wearing any gloves. Maybe the itchy rash was connected to the humid and salty air of Shanghai. I needed to find out.

Chinese-speaking competition makes me feel small

[2009-07-07 10:17]

I'd reluctantly agreed earlier in the evening to enter a Chinese-speaking competition at a party but hadn't signed up for the crazy scene that was about to unfold.

Why kong bao when there is so much more?

[2009-07-06 09:03]

My American buddy Buzz Peabody orders the same Chinese dish every time. "Wo yao kong bao jiding (I want kong bao chicken)," he tells the waiter.

Cash over cachet

[2009-07-03 08:39]

In martial arts stories, a young man overcomes all kinds of hardship to get something. It could be an ancient scroll, or a sword, or simply a title. Once he has it he has all the power in the world and it will kowtow to him.

What's with pop stars? One hits wrong note, other takes wrong step

[2009-07-02 11:35]

The "Charm of China" concert at the Bird's Nest on Tuesday was a full house, as guest performers Placido Domingo, Lang Lang and a cast of thousands joined diva Song Zuying on stage. The only hiccup was a momentary lapse for the "King of Mandopop"Jay Chou, who started singing in the wrong key while dueting with Song. While fans put this down to nervousness on the part of Chou, netizens reckoned he had been so busy filming new superhero series Pandamen that he had not prepared properly.

Remember the time - you discovered the King of Pop

[2009-07-02 13:17]

I loved Michael Jackson before I even listened to his songs or saw his photo.

Discovering the truth behind the mask of fear

[2009-06-30 10:46]

People wearing surgical masks immediately greeted me after landing in Beijing. What a welcome to China!

Public concern, private matters

[2009-06-26 10:31]

It's an open secret that many of China's entertainment celebrities carry foreign passports. That's not even counting mainlanders who assume Hong Kong residency status or HK stars who are Canadians by nationality. It has become a deceptive veil that camouflages many personal decisions that have nothing to do with loyalty to a country.


Cheers! The movie star secret to mastering a language

[2009-06-25 10:02]

"How long will it take to master English?" Relatives and friends like to ask.

Super Girl holds up half the sky, has feet on ground

[2009-06-25 09:33]

Super Girl Li Yuchun has become an unwitting spokesperson for family planning in Chongqing.

Losing my shirt over the local dress code

[2009-06-24 10:20]

I've always enjoyed a good old-fashioned epiphany. As I get older, they happen less often but I had one the other day.