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Is my baby a boy or girl?

[2011-07-20 10:33]

If you're pregnant in China, you'll be surprised the most common question you get is, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

Red from embarrassment

[2011-07-14 14:57]

When I ventured to Chaoyang Park to get that tan, I was a little surprised to find it empty of sunbathers.

A cooling tea to wipe out bitter memories

[2011-07-13 10:37]

Fortunately for many worried parents like mine, who wanted a really quick fix for their children, there was a panacea called the liang cha or a kind of Chinese herbal tea.

Why Daissy is a Colombian flower who helped me bloom in US

[2011-06-14 09:42]

"Try this on," Daissy Owen says, tossing another T-shirt over the WalMart changing room door.

'Quake relics' only reminder of 2008 disaster in Wenchuan

[2011-03-23 09:35]

News about the recent earthquakes in Yunnan province and Japan brought back memories of my last trip to Wenchuan, Sichuan province, in February.

Chinese learning like getting in shape: no pain, no gain

[2011-03-11 16:07]

A foreigner hoping to learn Chinese is like a person with a flabby physique hoping to get in shape.

A trim at the barber that raised eyebrows

[2011-03-11 16:07]

They say the eyes are the window of the soul. In that case, eyebrows must be window frames. There's nothing quite like well-shaped eyebrows to set off a girl's peepers.

Happy long life noodles to you all!

[2011-03-11 16:07]

When I was living in Adelaide, I would often buy packets of dried "Long Life Noodles" from a little shop in Chinatown, near the Central Market.

If you wanna beep me, I won't say no

[2011-03-07 16:40]

If there's one thing I love about Beijing's traffic it is the propensity of drivers to blow their horns at the slightest provocation.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, wherever you are

[2011-03-07 16:40]

The Chinese people are a friendly mob and are quick to assist baffled newcomers in this foreign land on the far side of the world.

Search for coat leads me to my block of flats

[2011-03-01 16:05]

I have never been colder than here in Beijing. A perishing cold that creeps across your back and chills your arms and legs.

Why Yao Ming serves as a very tall cross-cultural bridge

[2011-03-01 16:05]

When people talk about Yao Ming now, their thoughts are of his latest injury and the uncertainty this has brought upon his career.