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I'm so relieved as Beihai Park comes of age

[2008-08-14 10:23]

A thousand years of history didn't matter to a two-year-old, especially one with an overactive bladder.

A dose of shock treatment I was happy to receive

[2008-08-13 10:08]

It's the traveler's greatest fear. You can live with losing your credit card, you can certainly survive if they lose your luggage and there's even a way out if you lose your passport.

Enjoy the sports but also learn from China

[2008-08-12 10:03]

A person's involvement in the Olympics can be overwhelming and a major memory for the whole life. From medalist to TV audience, enjoy and be excited and emotional.

My unwitting debut on Chinese reality TV

[2008-08-12 10:54]

There I was, feeling quite settled after a few days in Beijing, with my spacious apartment, high-speed Internet, new cellphone and local bank account.

Mouth-watering recipe taught me much about life

[2008-08-07 11:04]

I had a bowl right next to my plate and took the lid off to peer inside, wondering what exotic food might be in store.

Home sweet home by South China Sea

[2008-08-05 16:29]

When my friend HM heard that I was planning a trip to Hainan Island, she casually mentioned that I could stay in her "romantic holiday apartment." My jaw dropped.

Stuck in the Middle Kingdom with you

[2008-08-04 10:12]

The word zhongguo means China, but its direct translation means middle nation, or as locals say, Middle Kingdom. The Chinese have always believed they were in the center of everything and for the next few weeks they are. More than 1 million foreign guests are rolling into Beijing this week and will witness China's coming of age.

Captivated by such an ageless beauty

[2008-07-30 09:17]

It was a rickety rickshaw. Maybe its structure was just deliberately light so the driver could haul plump foreigners more easily.

What my foreign friend taught me about our tradition

[2008-07-29 11:12]

I have an American friend whose name is Jim. But we all call him Ji Mu (toy bricks).

Roll up, roll up, to the five-ring media circus

[2008-07-28 11:02]

My Beijing apartment was buzzing with members of the Olympic media circus last week.

Stirring up memories that linger Forever

[2008-07-24 09:27]

I got my bicycle ready early in the morning and my 3-year-old son couldn't wait to hop into the small seat on the back.

Why my husband's simplicity always sends me packing

[2008-07-23 14:53]

If a woman goes on a trip, she probably will spend the night before packing.