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Faith moves mountains, crazy cabbies

[2007-01-23 17:08]

I mentioned the word "crash" while riding in a taxi, which was speeding along the wrong side of the road, on a darkened highway.

Chinese sense of humor? You've got to be joking

[2007-01-22 14:41]

This off-screen cheerleader is a new species called the "Applause Leader."

Earthquake is all a plot I tell you

[2007-01-19 21:33]

Is this Internet slow-down driving you as crazy as it's driving me?

Why Chinese humor is so damn funny

[2007-01-18 21:52]

I enjoy reading Hot Pot columnist Wang Xiaofang's pertinent observations on modern Chinese society but yesterday my learned colleague made the bizarre claim that Chinese people do not have a sense of humor.

His name is Bong, James Bong

[2007-01-16 21:21]

The name game in China is so full of information and mystique that even if you know Chinese you'd be overwhelmed.

The formula for a merry Christmas

[2007-01-12 21:43]

We ate, drank and were merry some merrier than others, depending on how much they drank.

What the beep are you saying?

[2007-01-11 21:51]

My Chinese language teacher tells me there are four tones in Mandarin; however, I reckon I've discovered a fifth.

How I became Time's Person of the Year

[2007-01-10 21:28]

Time selected "You" as its 2006 Person of the Year. Wang Xiaofeng is an award-winning blogger known for his sarcasm and irreverence and featured in Time's special coverage.

Rumors of Andy's death greatly exaggerated

[2007-01-10 21:27]

He shouted: "Andy Lau was shot dead by triad members last night in Hong Kong!"

Ad nauseam makes me wonder 'wah!'

[2007-01-09 21:49]

I don't like adverts and I didn't like it when they installed mini-TV screens on the back of taxicab headrests.

Comedy of errors found in translation

[2007-01-05 21:31]

China's pirate disk manufacturers are a diligent lot.

Murphy's Law drives me totally crazy

[2007-01-04 21:46]

A 100-question knowledge test is the foreigner's gateway to a Chinese driver's licence, but the all-important paperwork needs to be in order.

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