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Father and son - a Confucian collision

[2007-03-21 10:48]

I'd make a hopeless Confucian. The good old Chinese philosopher insisted that his followers honor their fathers with the highest regard.

And you can quote me on that

[2007-03-20 10:21]

While I was in high school, my language teacher would give writing assignments and I had some difficulty in deciphering her intent.

Dirt cheap: How Napoleon lost the plot

[2007-03-16 10:45]

Spending Lunar New Year outside China is no fun. No firecrackers. No strings of red lanterns. No endless feasts to grow fat enough for a year of hibernation.

The curse of Granny Zhao's Birthday bash

[2007-03-16 10:43]

Granny Zhao's grand birthday party was building up to be an event to remember.

McFashion, malls and hypnotic sea monsters

[2007-03-14 11:00]

This was no ordinary shopping mall; hanging between two fake sandstone buildings was a football field-sized screen. Like an IMAX theater with a Muzak soundtrack.

Arctic monkeys are stating the freezing obvious

[2007-03-13 11:45]

Northerners probably don't need reminding that it's been a bit nippy recently.

Pfhhh, you call that a copyright violation?

[2007-03-06 11:22]

What makes YouTube so popular? It is the website's content, such as snippets from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, South Park, or any of the latest television shows from around the world.

A travel fiasco draped in stars and stripes

[2007-03-02 11:09]

As much as I love living in China, I needed to return to the United States to see family and friends and settle a few personal matters.

Not so happy New Year for snakes on a plain

[2007-03-01 09:26]

Call me a killjoy, but when New Year rolls around, I account it high time to get golfing.

Hate Chinese epics? My aunt loves 'em

[2007-02-28 09:26]

The Seinfeld TV series was a huge hit in the 1990s thanks to its cast of self-centered New Yorkers and their funny observations about life.

We're all bad apples to the core

[2007-02-16 09:55]

When I went to see the movie Getting Home, I just missed the part where comedian Guo Degang plays a highway robber.

More than one Chinese Oprah to sing praises about

[2007-02-15 09:13]

When an American asks me about a major personality or cultural event in China, I cannot just click on and show them a concise description.