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A match made in heaven, a wedding made in an office

[2010-04-20 10:01]

I paced around the room, panic gripping me - Ellen was late.

It always pays to be persistent

[2010-04-14 11:31]

When my friend and I set off for a relaxing walk along the Great Wall, we thought it would be an easy day free from pollution and profit seekers.

Getting close with wife's ancestors

[2010-04-13 10:36]

The cold wind blew clouds of ashes around the mounds, and we shivered and drew our coats closer.

Whipped into shape by kneading hands

[2010-04-08 10:02]

Just as bamboo bends with the wind so as not to break, it is natural for expatriates in China to change their habits to suit the daily realities of life in their chosen city.

Canada's Easter spirit travels to Hebei school

[2010-04-07 10:04]

As a Canadian, I love holidays, as they allow us to socialize with family and friends.

In sickness and in health, till red tape do us part

[2010-04-06 10:12]

Why can't anything be simple?

Memories of home strung together by Chinese songs

[2010-04-01 15:54]

At a traditional Chinese festival, my students at the Stony Brook University Chinese School sang Chinese songs beautifully, without making a single mistake.

Educated youths often say the silliest things

[2010-03-31 09:20]

There is something about students that I cannot stand. Don't get me wrong; I was one once and I no doubt did as much pontificating and posturing as they do now.

Quick, what is Chinese for couverture chocolate?

[2010-03-30 10:13]

When my fiancee found my raspberry brownie recipe lurking in the desk drawer, I gave in and said I'd make it.

Left exhausted by hospital's super efficiency

[2010-03-25 09:45]

Beijing veers from smooth efficiency one minute to sheer chaos the next.

'Moo, moo' got me not milk but shampoo

[2010-03-24 09:45]

I arrived in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, in 2003 to teach English at a university, armed with a few Chinese words: ni hao, xie xie and zai jian (hello, thank you and goodbye).

Shutting the window on my neighbor

[2010-03-23 10:29]

A few days ago, there was a knock on my door. It was about 2 pm, and I wasn't expecting anyone.