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Sorry about that, says Peter Hessler

[2010-03-18 10:05]

After writing about how Peter Hessler ruined my China life, I had the fortune to receive a message from Hessler, who was gracious enough to see the humor in my article (in yesterday's hotpot) and give sage advice to aspiring writers.

How Peter Hessler ruined my life in China

[2010-03-17 11:06]

Peter Hessler singlehandedly ruined my life in China.

Progress is concrete but silence is golden

[2010-03-16 11:10]

Every night, while I am safely protected from the world in my bed, there's an unseen army toiling away to make Tianjin a better place.

Who needs a gym, when you have stairs - and music

[2010-03-11 10:11]

The new year has arrived for both the Chinese and Westerners. This is the time for those familiar resolutions in which we vow to exercise regularly.

The cold hard facts about Internet dating

[2010-03-10 10:18]

For anyone banging his or her head against the wall in the world of dating, it seems the answer could lie in your calculator.

Tradition is the best argument for new ideas

[2010-03-09 10:12]

China is a seamless blend of traditional and modern ideas, with people drawing on both to achieve their goals.

Youngsters lord it over not in China but in the West

[2010-03-04 09:53]

At Chinese New Year, children receive hong bao, money in red envelopes that has probably increased because of the family planning policy.

No magic potion for English perfection

[2010-03-03 09:27]

"What can I do to improve my English?" - this has to be one of the questions I am asked most often.

When babbling makes sense

[2010-03-02 13:30]

The crazy guy sat alone on the park bench, babbling to himself.

Move on, what's a bit of staring once in a while

[2010-02-25 10:01]

Babies toddling around in split pants, small dogs dressed in colorful coats with matching booties, and elderly people walking backwards at the crack of dawn are all sights that make a curious foreigner like me stop and stare.

Dumplings full of childhood memories

[2010-02-24 10:27]

On the eve of the New Year, I sent my friends an SMS. "Homemade jiaozi are the most delicious, may everyone have a round tummy," I said, visualizing the dumplings of minced pork, fragrant mushroom, baby cabbage, Chinese water chestnut, leek, and fresh eggs.

A relationship sealed with dumpling dough

[2010-02-23 09:46]

I know two things that I'll be asked to do every year to amuse my fiance's family during Spring Festival.