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Future tastes sweet for new generation

[2007-08-09 14:52]

Ever since my son's birth two years ago, I have been engaged in a losing battle against my mother over how to feed the boy.

My fantasy, covered in cheese dust

[2007-08-08 14:35]

Nearly every time I enter a neighborhood grocery store and pick up a shopping basket, I regret deciding again to cobble together a meal on my own.

On the soap box in the men's room

[2007-08-07 14:02]

Beijing taxi drivers are famous for being talkative. I wonder if they will age to become the world's most articulate group of elderly people.

A sure-fire plan to lure pirates to my books

[2007-08-03 14:39]

A friend of mine MSNed me, mentioning that a book I wrote two years ago was available for download on a certain website.

When it comes to pushy waiters one serve is more than enough

[2007-08-02 14:34]

You might not lose your way in a city if you have a map in hand. But you might get lost in a crowd of waiters sent from different restaurants to tout for business.

Why can't all mosquitoes bite the dust?

[2007-07-27 10:55]

My husband came home one morning complaining of mosquito bites.

Flashing the plastic to repent for my sins against an ailing mother

[2007-07-26 15:32]

Forgive me, Mother Earth, for I have sinned. Every morning, while brushing my teeth, I open the water tap approximately 30 percent of the way while massaging my gums and polishing my not-so-pearly white teeth.

Feeling hot and cold about beating back the heat in Beijing

[2007-07-25 14:45]

It's been three years in Beijing now, but one thing that I am yet to get used to is the winter.

Steering up the perfect pig dish

[2007-07-20 10:41]

Taxi drivers have the best knowledge of the changes Beijing has seen in recent years as they drive through the city all day long, picking up juicy bits of information.

Wandering hands on the bus spark panda-monium

[2007-07-19 15:09]

I had been making small talk with this middle-aged Chinese man I met on a bus from Beijing bound for Tianjin.

Refreshed after a surf of the airwaves

[2007-07-18 10:29]

The audio system in our car stopped playing all CDs about a year ago.

Rhyme time with hawkers proves big fun

[2007-07-17 13:59]

Street peddlers are often the target of harassment in China.