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Want to fight me? Man bags at 10 paces

[2009-06-08 10:20]

I have owned the much-talked-about Chinese man-bag for more than a month and can't live without it.

Magical mystery tour of fish oil, jade combs and ...

[2009-06-04 10:17]

"Remember ladies and gentlemen, that the skin is the first line of defense against disease," says the persuasive speaker at our local neighborhood center.

Living an idyllic life with ducks, chickens and woodpeckers

[2009-06-03 10:44]

"Have you seen my daughter?" I detect a slight anxiety in the voice of the mother.

Sweet & Sour

[2009-06-15 09:09]

Some compare Shanghai with New York, some with Paris - though don't go expecting either or you may be disappointed.

Falling in love with the world's most beautiful girl

[2009-06-02 11:26]

Is it possible to see a face for the first time and fall in love?

I enjoy being single - till I'm asked about my wedding candy

[2009-06-02 09:53]

My 34-year-old work colleague was beaming with joy, giving away sweets to everybody. Xie Fang was finally getting married and no longer felt a sheng nu.

Waiting to nurture my Chinese gandie

[2009-05-27 09:38]

It all happened so fast. There was a toast, a speech and gift giving, followed by the ceremonial offering, and lighting, of a cigarette.

Great expat-ations

[2009-06-15 08:53]

My job in the Turkish Embassy to China brought me here from the USA where I was deputy tourism attache.

Seeing this land's beauty through Canadian eyes

[2009-05-21 11:11]

Working on a Hollywood film set was nowhere near glamorous as I had imagined it to be.

How a teenage Romeo wooed his Juliet by a whisker

[2009-05-26 14:03]

It would be fair to say I'm a romantic at heart. Don't tell anyone, but I love a good cry after a romantic comedy; you know the kind, when it looks like love is lost until some amazing turn of fate.

Leopard Lau still partying well into her naughty forties

[2009-05-21 09:38]

Marriage changes some people but not everyone. Although the actress Carina Lau, 44, only recently tied the knot with heartthrob Tony Leung.

Pains and gains of running into celebrity figures

[2009-05-20 10:10]

I have seen some famous people. But as a self-respecting young woman, I never let celebrity presence overwhelm me.