Lifestyle / Hot Pot Column

Getting over a well-worn stereotype

[2010-06-23 10:05]

I used to be pretty good at chess.

Nothing new about men in female roles

[2010-06-22 10:16]

While watching TV the other day, I was shocked to find that the person singing was a man in a dress.

Shop till you drop ... or look at labels

[2010-06-17 10:35]

I never pay attention to fashion and brands. I wear what I feel is comfortable and convenient. Decades ago, my 10-year-old Italian nephew asked me for jeans from Canada when I visited.

Beware nation's ego pollution

[2010-06-10 11:48]

China has little crime, but it's a dangerous place. Murder, muggings, assault - these concerns do not keep me up at night. It's my ego I'm concerned about.

Foreigners now start to drop names

[2010-06-09 09:42]

My friends Dirty Law, Dust Language and Silky Smooth aren't who you're thinking they are - that is, they're not young Chinese who have picked amusing English appellations.

Chewing the fat on word definitions

[2010-06-08 10:19]

Gus Tate had a crack last week (June 3) at defining how his Cantonese students define "strong", and that might work down South.

A working definition of 'strong'

[2010-06-03 09:51]

There are a lot of things that often happen to me in China which would almost certainly never happen in the United States.

Around the world in just one day

[2010-06-02 09:41]

A World Exposition brings people together, both figuratively and literally, and at the mammoth Shanghai Expo site, it is more literal than ever, as you have numerous chances to be in close proximity with many others, even if its just getting in one line to qualify for another line.

Food so fresh, it's alive and kicking

[2010-06-01 10:10]

Two little, beady eyes stared at me from under a drooping coxcomb.

Meetings with famous meats

[2010-05-27 14:31]

Sooner or later in the making of a new Chinese acquaintance, I will have to start a conversation about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Don't make tour groups feel like a race

[2010-05-25 10:15]

A gentle snoring came from the bunk above, as the landscape flashed past at 150 km an hour. Shanghai was less than 30 minutes away.

Play the game at Panjiayuan

[2010-05-20 10:29]

After two decades in China, buying antiques remains my favorite game.