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Being in Beidaihe eased all the stress of getting there

[2011-09-22 13:50]

The man swimming towards me had a jellyfish balanced on his left hand.

Helping foreign friends, or minding my own business?

[2011-09-20 11:26]

As I stood in Silk Market, I watched in amazement as the young vendor pulled out silk nightgown for the perusal of a foreigner.

Love it, or hate it, but you just can't escape it

[2011-09-14 16:54]

The Mid-Autumn Festival has come and gone but there is no escaping the mooncakes as yet.

Confessions and conversions of a bibliophile

[2011-09-08 16:02]

Sandra Lee shares her passion for reading and her new fondness for the e-book reader.

Mulling life's great questions on lonely nights

[2011-09-07 09:28]

I've been in Beijing for nine months now. In the same time, I could have had a baby. Except, I'm stuck in that place of wanting to be a mother, but knowing that I'm not going to be one anytime soon.

My early-years training not required for high-speed railway

[2011-09-06 14:14]

I couldn't wait to go onboard the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway despite its delays and glitches.

Trapped in the human hurricane that is Line 1 of Beijing metro

[2011-09-01 11:15]

Taking the subway in Beijing can be challenging, especially if you take the Line-1 at rush hour.

It pays to have a strategy when you shop at Silk Street

[2011-08-31 10:32]

Beijing is a colorful, multilingual city. I've heard Korean, Russian and Glaswegian. Likewise, everyone speaks the language of shopping.

Getting into the swim of things at Houhai

[2011-08-30 15:08]

It was a scorching Sunday in July. I was cycling, for the first time, a fixed wheel bicycle, which can't coast as the pedals are always in motion.

A dignified farewell to one whose life was lived with dignity

[2011-08-25 09:51]

On Aug 9, two days after his wife's abrupt, premature death halfway around the globe from her homeland, Sun Chenbei and his daughter Sun Weisi went to Macy's in downtown Washington DC. Chenbei needed a black suit.

Taobao a challenge that's well worth a foreigner's effort

[2011-08-24 11:05]

When I decided to throw an extravagant birthday party for my girlfriend in Shanghai, I underestimated how much work it would require.

Happy to be leftover while everyone else enjoys marriage

[2011-08-23 17:15]

My Chinese friends can't imagine a woman who doesn't want to get married some day. I shock them when I tell them it describes me.