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The art of haggling is about forming connections

[2008-07-23 14:23]

Recently, we went shopping near the Forbidden City and bought some silk for a gorgeous kimono-style robe, before moving on to select artwork

Top 10 entertainment news

[2008-07-19 11:51]

Following Zhao Bandi, an American teacher at Peking University failed in his attempt to convince moviegoers to boycott Kung Fu Panda.

'Campus Lullabies' singer keeps fans awake all night

[2008-07-16 09:15]

Early one morning, I awoke suddenly to a ringing telephone. It was my friend Baozi. "Do you know who came to our home last night? Lao Lang!"

So many people, so little time

[2008-07-15 15:26]

"Zai jian" (bye bye) Beijing, and "ni hao" (hello) Singapore.

Today is a good day for red wine and revolution

[2008-07-14 09:55]

French and Chinese cultures have many common points, and as a Frenchman, I should know.

Top 10 entertainment news

[2008-07-11 11:17]

John Woo's latest epic Red Cliff prescreened to the press in an abridged version about one third of its total length.

Golf, fishponds and dreams of suburban villas

[2008-07-10 09:48]

My friend Xuxu and I were looking at new villa homes at a suburban construction site on the outskirts of Beijing.

Speaking in riddles with Gandalf and Zhuge Liang

[2008-07-09 10:53]

John Woo's forthcoming Red Cliff - an historical epic based on events in 3rd-century China - may seem worlds away, literally, from the terrain of another epic blockbuster film series, The Lord of the Rings.

Five things I learned from my 6-year-old son

[2008-07-08 11:17]

Two weeks ago, my 6-year-old son left for a month long vacation tour at a seaside resort. Despite my worries about his well-being, I was initially quite relieved.

Your front-row seat to history's great showcase

[2008-07-07 17:16]

A Beijing English-language magazine recently speculated about a possible post-Olympics exodus of expats.

Getting lost in a familiar, but fast-changing place

[2008-07-02 09:51]

Never before had I found myself so lost. To my right, crowds of people swarmed in and out of a new light-rail station. To my left, tall buildings loomed above an overpass.

Number-plate plan becomes a little odd

[2008-07-01 11:08]

Dad called me with much excitement: "We've found a big electric bicycle shop. Will you come and see?"