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The bottom-line on making money in China

[2009-08-20 10:09]

As soon as we met at the shiny Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport, my American boss Richard told me: "This airport has the fastest customs I've ever experienced!"

Tipping point in trying to figure out China

[2009-08-19 17:56]

Tip or don't tip? Whichever I choose, it's wrong.

Going with the flow and getting happy

[2009-08-17 18:20]

Getting behind the wheel of a car on Chinese roads is a good way for any new expat to better understand how things work here.

Laughing hard to hide a bitter sadness

[2009-08-13 09:35]

I flew back to Chengdu for my high school's 20th reunion. Of the 360 students in my graduating class, more than one third showed up. Most I had not seen for 20 years and had a hard time remembering. It was embarrassing but also a source of rapturous laughter once the identities were revealed.

Standing at the crossroads of a nation in fast lane

[2009-08-12 11:36]

He just stands there, seemingly self-absorbed. The old man, on the crossroads. He is small, shrunk by time. He wears a green military-style suit and a knitted woolen cap in black and brown. He holds on to a walking stick as if it were a time machine that can help him make a giant leap from the past to the future.

Porn looks dated at sex museum's explicit exposition

[2009-08-11 10:12]

Traversing China I continue to be delighted and surprised with its amazing juxtapositions of the very old and new.

All fired up about peace

[2009-08-10 18:02]

The next time you're thinking how sweet and innocent China's youth appear, consider this.

Young Chinese want to learn and grow more than to be led

[2009-08-06 10:08]

Having started my career in Silicon Valley, I had taken it for granted that to lead is to set the right goals and motivate employees to achieve them with the right incentives (preferably, stock options) and the right work environment. My experience in China, however, has seen much to the contrary.

Who needs to speak when you have ball and hoop?

[2009-08-05 09:41]

A cross over dribble from above the key, left to right. Teammates pull the other defenders away from the ball. Right hand extends kissing the ball off the glass into the basket; first point of the game, one to nothing. Teammates slap hands and smile. The opponents wear a smirk that says that move is not going to work again.

Do you really know China?

[2009-08-03 09:54]

If a Chinese friend asks about your knowledge ofChina and its plethora of customs and characteristics, your answer will reveal the depth of your understanding. 

Don't worry, bei happy

[2009-07-31 09:58]

In March 2008, Li Guofu was found dead in a prison clinic. The local procurator said Li hanged himself. But Li's family did not buy into it.

Sexy Hu mulls buzz as Super Li runs for cover

[2009-07-31 09:57]

The authoritative and sexy Hu Die, 26, has been voted "Most Beautiful CCTV Presenter" in an online vote. The 26 year old with a short and "fashionable" haircut has been called a copycat of actress Fan Bingbing, but obviously this is no bad thing.