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A humbling lesson by an itinerant vendor

[2008-04-17 06:51]

Back in the old days, the Chinese used to describe busy traffic as "cheshui malong" - chariots like flowing water and horses like dragons.

A nod and a wink for Mr Smiley and his friends

[2008-04-14 07:19]

The Olympic torch relay dramas mean nothing to my American buddy Barry. His biggest drama involves those annoying little facial expressions adored by millions of teenage MSN message users all over the world.

China bashers turn blind eye to progress

[2008-04-07 07:07]

"The sky is falling," cried Chicken Little. Flustered critics of Beijing's Olympic preparations are echoing the same nonsensical alarm.

Watching time tick by - until it's morning

[2008-04-03 15:27]

Often, I feel helpless at night - the number of sheep I have counted could fill a dozen pens, but I am still alert and perky as if I am about to watch a horse race.

Lies, damn lies and polls

[2008-04-02 07:35]

According to a recent poll, two out of three people believe there are too many surveys published in the media.

Dental photos reveal the awful tooth

[2008-04-01 08:55]

In her childhood, a dentist once pulled a dangling tooth out of her mouth without anesthesia. When Huan Zi recounts this incident vividly to the handsome dentist in front of her, he looks astonished.

How a crazy monk led me to enlightenment

[2008-03-31 07:18]

China's four classic novels - A Dream of Red Mansions, Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Outlaws of the Marsh - are mandatory reading for any expat who wants to get a better handle on the mysteries to the Middle Kingdom.

Dog suits and dung among my pet hates

[2008-03-27 07:33]

People joke that the number of pet dogs in Beijing is more than the urban population.

Entering into marriage with your eyes closed

[2008-03-25 07:38]

I came across this on the news recently: A Canadian girl found her love by kissing the first guy who got on board the bus after she accepted the bet of her friends.

Of mice and hopelessly confused men

[2008-03-24 07:18]

The rat stared at me, I stared back, and then we both screeched: "Aiya!"

Old hands teach young couple new tricks

[2008-03-20 11:40]

I never thought of myself as an old man until a few years ago, when a couple who rented our apartment kept on addressing me as daye (grandpa) and my wife as yi (aunt).

Time for teacher to stop and smell the roses

[2008-03-19 07:22]

My friendship with Fei goes back to middle school, when I first noticed the sourness in her life.