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Fine day for a long talk about the weather

[2010-09-15 09:50]

I had a colleague, Thomas, whose childhood was spent in Shanghai. During high school he lived in Hong Kong and for university he went to Europe.

Let loose on Tianjin's 'Kitchen Street'

[2010-09-14 09:29]

The smell of metal under duress pours out of the kitchen. I race in, scoop the frying pan off the heat and dash it into the sink - only to be told: "You ruined my eggs!"

Oh, to be mistaken for a Beijing'er

[2010-09-09 10:19]

I got into a taxi one day after work and recited my address to the driver. The loquacious, middle-aged man with a pronounced double chin turned around and asked: "Where are you from?"

Too shy to be polite or just a question of manners

[2010-09-08 09:22]

I have always claimed that taking a public bus in Beijing is the best way to discover Chinese culture, and I still believe it after 20 years.

Finding foothold on slippery slope of non-citizenship

[2010-09-07 10:21]

I know I'm not the only one feeling a desperate need for acceptance in China. I've been here for a while and I can't get any foothold into the society.

Feeling a desperate need for acceptance

[2010-09-02 10:00]

No matter how many years an expat lives in China, he will always be a foreigner.

Nothing quite like Beijing by bike - motorbike

[2010-09-01 09:22]

There are countless ways of getting from one place to another, but pop me on the back of a motorcycle and I am happiest.

A bargain not worth sweating over

[2010-08-31 11:00]

"Let's see what's happening!", cried Ellen, as she saw a line that stretched around the corner.

Hutong days court my desires to live local life

[2010-08-26 10:18]

Why would any visitor to Beijing stay in a hotel when they can stay in a hutong?

Ugly realities that spoil idyllic scenes

[2010-08-25 10:29]

I sit 10 centimeters above the tarmac floor on a wooden stool made for dwarfs and I am happy.

Bottled up anxiety about the fear of warm beer

[2010-08-24 10:40]

My first week in China was spent wondering if there really was refrigeration in The Middle Kingdom.

Shoppers turn the bargaining tables in Beijing

[2010-08-19 10:03]

Since I last went to Yashow Market in Beijing, I have had the image of wide-eyed shoppers lumbering about with wads of cash and salesmen stroking thin moustaches with gleaming eyes ingrained in my mind.