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Spring has sprung and I'm ready for more rockets

[2010-02-11 11:35]

The first time a rocket hit me, I threw my hands over my face thinking I should be in pain, but I felt none.

New moms, new homes and a new zest for life

[2010-02-10 13:43]

We couldn't figure out where all of the buildings had gone.

Nice day for a full spectrum wedding photo

[2010-02-09 10:12]

Things seem to run to a different schedule in China, they really do.

Make it smooth and easy for a nice China ride

[2010-02-04 10:34]

Ever since I discovered that a sea cucumber was definitely not a vegetable, I pledged to do away with my preconceptions about anything in China even if I thought it was something with which I was already familiar.

Translation costs of having a foreign passport

[2010-02-03 10:07]

I walked with numb feet down the Great Wall, which the cold had left so deserted I hardly recognized it.

Passing the torch: one generation to the next

[2010-02-02 10:08]

Early in the morning, father sent me a message: "Grandma passed away last night. Your mother has decided not to go back."

I think I'm slowly turning Chinese, I really think so

[2010-01-28 09:05]

When I got off the train in Dalian on a recent Friday morning, I went straight to the ticket office for a return ticket.

What a sparkle to my morning dose of this paper

[2010-01-27 08:58]

"Kerfuffle" is a funny Scottish word used to describe a fuss over something that is not very important.

Waking up to dream ride's reality check

[2010-01-26 09:22]

Travel, I have found, is not everyone's cup of tea.

'Me First' mentality has to go

[2010-01-21 09:32]

It's 8 on a cold Sunday morning, and I'm standing at the bus stop near my apartment.

Who needs to talk when you can be a lemming

[2010-01-20 09:54]

I just returned from a two-week tour of Europe. On my teacher's salary, I could never afford to travel there with Western tours so this was my third go at traveling with a Chinese tour.

Into the twilight years without a backward glance

[2010-01-19 09:28]

Sweating and out of breath, my brother returned to our small hotel room in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region.