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My China debrief in 10 seconds or less

[2007-07-12 09:15]

Since my friends and family can't visit China themselves, I try to bring China to them.

Thrill of being a fugitive - of sorts

[2007-07-11 10:12]

I hadn't realized the gusto of their pursuit of me until the day my friend Jon called me: "They're really looking for you, man".

Underwater city? Don't hold your breath

[2007-07-10 08:50]

China's four great inventions (si da fa ming) are the compass, gunpowder, moveable type printing press and paper.

Saviors of the planet are lost in translation

[2007-07-06 14:20]

One is a lady whom I met several years ago in a shabby classroom,Later, I was told her nickname: "Sentimental Environmentalist".

Lovely ladies die and go to notebook heaven

[2007-07-05 15:00]

Unlike the golden hues shimmering in Richard Strauss' Four Last Songs, the golden years of a computer are not pretty.

Dude, where's my phone? Oh not again

[2007-07-04 15:46]

The Guangzhou businessman was to the point. "I'm not stealing your phone," he assured me. "I'm just not giving it back."

Why Real Men must overcome themselves

[2007-07-03 09:30]

Last week, two of our Hotpot writers shared different views on how to become a real man.

Leaving a trail of dim sum like Hansel's trail of breadcrumbs

[2007-06-29 15:45]

Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco. As a 12-year San Franciscan, I tend to leave something else of mine behind in every city I visit.

Great wanderer makes us all wonder where the real men are

[2007-06-28 14:39]

It's not every morning that you reach for your copy of the China Daily, thumb through to the Hot Pot column and that all of your back hairs stand as one.

My Great Wall walks are chest-puffing excercise

[2007-06-28 14:35]

There is a saying in China that "you're not a man until you've been to the Great Wall".

This motoring mania is driving us all crazy

[2007-06-22 09:38]

After joining China Daily last year, a colleague suggested we begin a Test Drive column.

Storm for a work that isn't worth its weight in mooncakes

[2007-06-20 09:15]

Two decades ago, the wife of the US ambassador in Beijing, a Chinese American, complained that Chinese did not know how to properly "package their wares".