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A very berry, merry experience in Beijing's suburbs

[2009-09-09 10:05]

Strangely it seemed the farm wasn't open yet, although with negotiations we were finally allowed in to a long outbuilding containing row upon row of squat, potted green bushes and their undeniably attractive berries.One of them had no hesitation in pulling out the overripe berries from my poorly filled punnet and casting them aside.

Double trouble of twin girls in two cultures

[2009-09-08 11:06]

Raising twins is complicated in any environment but when they are raised in a multicultural home the situation can get complicated and sometimes quite messy.

Way to make peace with cocky cabbies

[2009-09-07 10:30]

A taxi driver on the holiday island of Hainan in southern China said he didn't like my homeland of Australia and didn't like my fellow countrymen.

The dash for cash

[2009-09-04 09:37]

When Zhang Yinan was filling out a job application form she came to "family financial status" and quickly skipped it.

Who says China's new young are stubborn and spoiled?

[2009-09-03 10:08]

The resignation letter from Chunxin came as a complete surprise. Just two years out of college, she was almost always the first to arrive in the morning and among the last to leave at night. At very meeting, she would have a pen in hand, taking notes diligently. She rarely asked questions, and when prompted to speak, she would blush and stammer. But she did her work beautifully, and every in a while, she would meekly voice a brilliant suggestion to make every head turn.

How my nagging made Shanghai roads safer

[2009-09-02 10:17]

My expat friend jokes the "Linda factor" - a term awarded to me after pestering him on the dos and don'ts of drinking and driving - may have convinced him not to join his ball buddies for a few rounds of post-game beer the other night.

What a perfect way to start my China day

[2009-09-01 09:38]

It is 5:45 am and my alarm goes off. I don't really need it, though. My place overlooks a pond and the chattering of women gathered there vies for my attention with the birds who are off on their usual early start to catch worms.

Shadow play

[2009-08-28 11:41]

Andy Lau is facing the biggest dilemma of his career. He loves to keep up the facade of being a happy-go-lucky bachelor, yet custom mandates he perform certain tasks that contradict that appearance.

Deadline looms for Lau, while beauty kisses and tells

[2009-08-28 10:54]

Andy Lau, 47, is finally prepared to walk down the aisle with long-time girlfriend Carol Chu, 43, according to Singapore's United Evening News, which says it was the final wish of the recently departed Chu's father that she should marry her "Heavenly King".

No real reason to feel guilt over wealth gap

[2009-08-27 10:56]

Ensuring the success of the American boss's China trip is so exhausting that I splurge by flying to Sanya with my partner for a three-day mini-vacation.

Surfing on a wave of ingenuity in a land of innovation

[2009-08-26 09:33]

In the eyes of the world, China still needs to develop, but this obscures a range of ingenuities cooked up in restaurants, bathrooms, on streets and beaches across the country.

Growing up and being cute easier said than done

[2009-08-25 11:04]

Three days before I left for China, a salesperson thought I was 16. I was, actually, a 21-year-old college graduate - no, I was a despondent 21-year-old college graduate.