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It doesn't matter if it's black or white at a funeral

[2011-08-18 13:16]

I attended an elderly American's funeral with my Japanese friend Taro Yamada in late 2008. He died peacefully in his 90s. His funeral was held in a church in Philadelphia.

Taking a dream train journey, after 20 years

[2011-08-17 09:57]

Flying out of Shanghai in the summer is a lesson in patience and prayer when seasonal storms play havoc with flight routes.

Why I wear a loathing for Facebook on my ruby red lips

[2011-08-16 11:44]

Facebook has clogged my computer.The machine was always slow. Now it's moribund. It takes so long to open e-mails, I lose the will to live.

I'm black but that's no reason to run from me

[2011-08-11 10:19]

I stood in front of an elevator, waiting. Two young girls' eyes darted toward me, I smiled, and the girls exchanged nervous glances.

Want to ace Chinese exam? Turn on the TV

[2011-08-10 10:22]

Chinese is supposed to be my second language, but it was one of my weakest subjects in school.I was so bad that my teachers felt better off if I slept at the back of the class or left early for recess.

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like

[2011-08-09 12:25]

I recently bought a bicycle. I don't know why it took me so long. When I lived in Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, I used my bike not only as a mode of getting from A to B, but also to get to know the city.

No resisting the pull of Disney

[2011-08-04 11:49]

As I'm neither a 5-year-old nor a menopausal Disney fanatic, a dubbed Disney mash-up is not the kind of performance I typically attend.

Convert to cause of massages

[2011-08-02 10:26]

I lay facedown with my ugly mug in a padded oval aperture in the massage table. May, my masseuse had strong, capable hands.

Time Chinese women realize they are truly beautiful

[2011-07-28 10:23]

I fit the typical American mold: I'm vain, facetious and mildly obsessed when it comes to matters of appearance.

A lexicon so descriptive

[2011-07-27 10:51]

Monsters aren't just scary. They also reveal a fascinating facet of the Chinese language - that is, the descriptive, rather than terminological, character of its words.

Stirring songs, military might and photos in the park

[2011-07-26 11:13]

The tunes were stirring. The band was loud. It was martial music and it made me want to get up and go for a march a long one.

Anywhere I can find chop suey?

[2011-07-21 11:14]

I was traveling across the East Coast, and had gorged on my fill of fries, burgers and tacos.