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Shoe on other foot as mom and I seek mystery man Chen

[2009-03-31 09:37]

Mr Chen, the Chinese owner of a newspaper for Washington's Asian American community, invited me to a fundraising dinner for Asian Americans in public schools.

Why every seven years we need to scratch an itch

[2009-03-30 08:59]

Every seven years I believe we all undergo great emotional, physical and mental changes, which encourages us to sweep away the clutter of the past and move onward and upward.

Storm in a fishbowl

[2009-03-27 10:14]

In 2008, Ma Wei started to teach a new course at Wuhan Polytechnic University. It was called "Architecture and Feng Shui".

Lesson learnt in a US inner-city neighborhood

[2009-03-26 10:09]

Even before I left China in 1992, I was fascinated with the idea of working in a Chinese restaurant in the United States. That seemed like such an essential American experience for any Chinese immigrant.

Andy Lau dithers, Shenyang titters but Wong purrs

[2009-03-26 10:04]

There are mixed messages emanating from Andy Lau over his impending marriage to long-term girlfriend, the Malaysian former beauty queen Carol Chu

Chinese after-party for Oscar champion

[2009-03-26 09:38]

"I hope this is a universal story that connects nations," says Danny Boyle, director of Slumdog Millionaire when he was in Beijing on Tuesday to promote the film.

Sign of the times

[2009-03-26 09:15]

Celebrity Chinese tattoos are indelible proof of the country's growing cultural clout, but also evidence that where body art is concerned local is global.

Wresting control from my bilingual meter-high master

[2009-03-25 09:50]

Bringing up a child in a foreign land has many advantages. To me, the major one is that he or she will grow up learning another language without trying to.

An Apple a day keeps sanity away

[2009-03-24 10:31]

I've just become a jailbreaker and I don't feel guilty at all. No, I haven't escaped from prison. My "crime" is to have put software I like on the great toy that now follows me everywhere, my shiny black iPhone.

Stop, you're beginning to hug me

[2009-03-23 09:15]

Are you a compulsive hugger? Are you the type of person who reaches out with arms wide open? Do you always have the need to get physical every time when you say hello and goodbye?

Behind closed doors

[2009-03-20 09:04]

There is a college town in suburban Nanjing, called Xianlin. Like most college towns across the nation, residents rent out apartments to students who want to get away from their dorm lives and enjoy some privacy.

Wu dishes dirt on 'Kings' and injury is no hurdle to Liu

[2009-03-19 10:43]

The "Four Heavenly Kings" who ruled Canto-pop in the 1990s are back in the news after comedienne Sandra Wu interviewed one of the four, Andy Lau, on a Hong Kong TV program.