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Running through the haze becomes first Chinese lesson

[2014-03-27 08:34]

As a former champion runner back in the United Kingdom a few years ago - OK, many years ago - I learned the importance of timing.

Are you addicted to smartphone?

[2014-03-20 07:29]

I think my iPhone has destroyed my brain. I really do. I used to listen in meetings; now I browse the Internet.

Shopping like locals in China

[2014-03-13 10:00]

When visiting a foreign country, some people like to visit the monuments, others the restaurants while some want to seek out the natural wonders.

A hop, skip and a jump to nowhere

[2014-03-06 07:19]

An old proverb says: "Pride goeth before a fall." However, I never really knew what it meant until my trip to the museum.

Not quite a royal flush

[2014-02-27 07:31]

We entered the courtyard, with its tiny garden area and quaint decorations, and we instantly fell in love with the place.

Beer festival has fun times in the bag

[2013-08-20 07:50]

It was an odd sight - a half-dressed man scurrying round a corner carrying a clear polythene bag of amber liquid.

Pleasing your loved ones is embedded in Chinese culture

[2013-08-13 11:16]

Such is the dilemma in modern China, where young adults must balance cultural and family expectations with the overpowering desire to blaze their own path.

I conquer the tallest building in Beijing, panting

[2013-08-06 09:11]

If elevators work, will you consider climbing to the top of a 330-meter-high skyscraper by leg power?

Lost in translation an everyday occurrence

[2013-07-30 08:11]

When my mother visited China at the age of 73, she said it was the first and would be the last time.

Making umbrellas manly is simple

[2013-07-23 13:25]

Women's faces are often found in the shade cast by the umbrellas they carry on China's sunny days.

Living below the line

[2013-07-15 09:30]

An expatriate in China looks at food from a different perspective, and takes part in a challenge that allows him only $1.50 a day for meals.

Too much hospitality creates hostility

[2013-07-09 11:20]

I want to tell autonomous travelers, who are heading to a place as tourists, not to announce their visit to their friends.