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How celebrity TV manipulates our responses - and grief

[2009-04-16 10:29]

The British Prime Minister recently led the tributes for TV "celebrity" Jade Goody, who lost her battle with cervical cancer at the tender age of 27.

Space: the final frontier, but not as we know it here

[2009-04-15 10:09]

On a flight to Europe last summer, I was seated between two middle-aged Chinese men. The man in the aisle seat didn't make eye contact, get up or in any way acknowledge my existence.

Chinese history can't compete with a phone in stone

[2009-04-14 09:31]

With my sister visiting China for the first time, I wanted to show her something ancient - something that would allow me to fulfill my self-proclaimed role as Family China Expert.

The curious case of Beijing belly button

[2009-04-13 09:42]

This year's stop-start approach to China's heart-warming spring reminds me of a former bi-polar girlfriend who was as crazy as the recent fickle weather.

Ah, the good old days and people I'll never see again

[2009-04-09 09:01]

At the Miami restaurant where I worked part-time back in 1993, a hierarchy existed among the staff to serve customers in style. At the very top was the manager in his suit.

Utter Confucian

[2009-04-09 09:01]

If Confucius could see the controversy his name is generating more than 2,400 years after his death, the epitome of peace and good manners.

No place like a 'meet-up' to practice Chinese

[2009-04-08 08:55]

I glanced at my "Meet-up Reminder" for the Beginners Chinese Language Meet-up. "A chance to practice, socialize, and gain confidence in conversation!

Eighteen Palms of power to kick a dragon's butt

[2009-04-07 09:06]

It unleashes enough internal energy to dispel a legion. It bulldozes foes with a frightening force. Those foolish enough to stand in the way risk having their innards mashed.

It's only make-believe

[2009-04-03 10:24]

Should a pretty boy with star quality from the sports and entertainment business impersonate an enshrined figure with layers of political connotations?

A far better Song and dance routine than the Real Deal

[2009-04-02 09:31]

The nearest thing we have to the thug culture of American rap stars dissing each other in public, swearing and acting badly is the world of comedy.

The Qingming of my childhood days in America

[2009-04-02 09:31]

The first I ever heard of the Qingming Festival, which falls this Saturday, was when I was told my colleague was going home for the Tomb Sweeping Festival.

Queen's English succumbs to draw of the drawl

[2009-04-01 09:01]

Hollywood send-up Tropic Thunder is worth seeing just to figure out how Robert Downey Jr. (from New York) earned an Oscar nomination by playing a foreigner (Australian) pretending to be something else (African-American).