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East or West, a Mom's instincts always win the test

[2008-09-10 11:16]

As little boys go, he was adorable, and he knew it. That his grandmother and mother fussed over him was clear from the two flavors of ice cream (in addition to the one that he carried in his hand) .

Examination over, now it's ganbei to married bliss!

[2008-09-09 07:58]

Before my engagement party started, we deposited some paraphernalia in our hotel room (801) - the number eight being symbolic of good luck. For two harrowing hours, I was left alone with my prospective mother-in-law.

Soccer match with elephants leaves me a bit unstrung

[2008-09-05 10:58]

Five elephants were kicking basketballs at me, as they barreled in my direction at full speed. I leapt back and forth, attempting to block their shots from landing in the soccer net.

Tales of lost homes and new horizons, brewed to perfection

[2008-09-04 10:42]

Hidden in a hard-to-find alleyway, just down the road from the bustling Wudaokou subway station, is a tiny tea house.

Nothing like soaking up the sun for a bit of fun

[2008-09-03 10:46]

I can't help but stifle a laugh when I step out of the subway, on to the streets, as I make my way to work on a rainy morning in metropolitan Shanghai.

A brilliant casting idea: Yao Ming as Confucius

[2008-08-29 14:43]

While the Olympic Games were on, entertainment stars played second fiddle, dutifully sitting in the backseat trying not to upstage the athletes.

Bird's Nest bland menu denies sweet taste of victory

[2008-08-28 10:18]

It was always going to be spectacular. The combination of a booming economy, desire to please all visitors and zillions spent on facilities ensured that the Beijing Olympics would be a feast to remember.

Perfect strangers share unexpected perfect moment

[2008-08-27 14:18]

His steel-grey hair was cropped in a crew cut, and his manner was energetic as he indicated different works of art with precise movements.

Center stage was great but backyard tourism was better

[2008-08-26 10:31]

When I and 23 other students from the University of Iowa touched down in Beijing last month, we were instant sensations.

Chinese fans need more cheering ways

[2008-08-21 15:16]

Cheers from home fans may inspire Chinese athletes in their pursuit of victory, but stalwart supporters are conscious of their limited scope of vocal encouragement - more or less confined to Zhong Guo Jia You or 'Go China'.

Drink outside the box to savor the wine

[2008-08-21 11:40]

Italy's Agriculture Ministry announced this month that some wines that receive the government's quality assurance label may now be sold in boxes.