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Why one Eagles song really gives my heart wings

[2009-10-22 11:20]

I didn't even notice when the broken stereo system started playing Hotel California.

Better safe than sorry

[2009-10-16 13:27]

Lifestyle changes are often spearheaded by trendsetters, such as movie stars and hip-hop idols.

China 'flexing its muscles' through dancers, singers?

[2009-10-15 11:35]

I've been to a lot of parades but I've never experienced anything like the big show we just had in Beijing to mark the National Day..

How our funny bunny is gnawing at our nerves

[2009-10-14 11:37]

"Get her away from that!" is a phrase often heard in our home these days.

My troubles with making cents of Chinese currency

[2009-10-13 11:28]

In my home country of the United States, I swipe for the things that I buy. Debit and credit cards are standard in the US, and before coming here, I was a bonafide member of the cashless society.

On losing a bicycle and finding a city

[2009-09-30 10:51]

Beijing has been getting smaller while the neighborhood has been growing bigger since my wife and I switched gears and swapped four wheels for two.

Getting a fix of the 'fixeds' in happening Beijing

[2009-09-24 09:31]

As the cultural capital of China, Beijing is simply bubbling with things to do and see. Art, music, sport - if it's a Chinese tradition, it will be practiced here. And if it's a Western trend, there will be a nascent scene.

Lessons learned from a modern-day sage of Confucius's age

[2009-09-22 11:22]

Thomas Talhelm has a standing date with Confucius every Monday at noon at the gate of South China Normal University.

The Bard was right: Neither a borrower nor a lender be

[2009-09-17 10:44]

My American friend Kate laughed at my story.

Why a migrating bird must feather its own nest

[2009-09-16 10:33]

I suffer from a bad case of "nesting", in that wherever I live, I have to set up my home so that I am surrounded by comfort and beauty.

The No 1 rule of China's club scene: Age no bar

[2009-09-15 10:18]

Before I got a chance to reflect on my first night out in Beijing, a group of expat teens approached me and began trash talk.  I laughed at their feeble attempts to insult me.Clubbing in China was unique, as with many things here in Beijing, I have accepted the experience as different and am grateful for it.

Looking for revenge for Chinese tones? Try onomatopoeia

[2009-09-10 11:22]

Out of sympathy for my charges, I then took a shot at one of the most infamous Chinese tongue twisters.  "Si shi si (4 is 4), shi shi shi (10 is 10), shi si shi shi si (14 is 14)," I stuttered with a modicum of success.