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Neither mad, nor in coma, just experiencing China

[2010-01-14 09:26]

"My name is Stuart Beaton. I had an inspiration, and I woke up in Tianjin.

A small misstep for me and a giant leap for friendship

[2010-01-13 09:25]

It was a sheer drop to the bottom.

Nice, quiet end to the doughty noughties

[2010-01-12 09:08]

Most of my previous New Year Eves were spent working at the copy desk back home in Calcutta, India, till a colleague came by and informed me that another year had ended.

Calamity of hailing a cab on Jan 1

[2010-01-07 11:35]

Unhappy New Year to you. And me. How many hours of how many New Year nights have you spent staring at a metropolitan horizon, looking for the light? Of a taxi, not anything unimportant like the Answer to Life. I loathe one thing about the whole business of "out with the old and in with the new". Partying on the eve of the annual transition is tainted by the impossibility of a good exit.

Tale of kindness from angels of a snowstorm

[2010-01-06 11:21]

Snow is falling softly and a beautiful winter wonderland is being created all around me.

Transformed from an 'S' into a 'Triple X'

[2010-01-05 10:45]

When I played American football, back in the reckless days of my youth, friends and family who filled up my English life at the time had two things to say about it.

Love's all around you, just reach out and feel it

[2009-12-29 10:02]

The question of love has been contemplated for thousands of years. What is love, how does it show, what is it based on and why do we love?

Put that iPhone away and mingle to save mankind

[2009-12-25 09:24]

Until the M-20 summit is convened, here is my module in modern mingling manners.

What do Chinese parents tell their kids about Santa?

[2009-12-24 09:19]

My house, and unwitting neighbors, recently hosted a children's Christmas party to which Father Christmas rode up on a tricycle.

Unwrapping the riddle that is China Post

[2009-12-23 09:54]

So it's Christmas. How do you send wrapped gifts to your loved ones from China, considering China Post has to look at what you are sending.

Time to discard old stereotypes about China and its people

[2009-12-22 09:52]

During the latter years of my stay in the United States, I was a keen listener to National Public Radio (NPR).

It never pays to mess with a woman's handbag

[2009-12-17 10:05]

Excitedly, we get on our two rented, pink and blue tandems. Parents in the front, our boys at the back and behind them a little basket in which we stow a water bottle, a picnic and my handbag. Well strapped in and thief proof, of course.